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Applying regression and correlation: A guide for students and researchers
J Miles, M Shevlin
How to identify randomized controlled trials in MEDLINE: ten years on
JM Glanville, C Lefebvre, JNV Miles, J Camosso-Stefinovic
Journal of the Medical Library Association 94 (2), 130
Probiotics for the prevention and treatment of antibiotic-associated diarrhea: a systematic review and meta-analysis
S Hempel, SJ Newberry, AR Maher, Z Wang, JNV Miles, R Shanman, ...
JAMA 307 (18), 1959-1969
Perceived parenting styles, depersonalisation, anxiety and coping behaviour in adolescents
U Wolfradt, S Hempel, JNV Miles
Personality and individual differences 34 (3), 521-532
Body shame: Conceptualisation, research, and treatment
Psychology Press
Interpersonal and role-related schema influence the relationship with the dominant ‘voice’in schizophrenia: A comparison of three models
M Birchwood, P Gilbert, J Gilbert, P Trower, A Meaden, J Hay, E Murray, ...
Psychological medicine 34 (08), 1571-1580
Dose-effect relations and responsive regulation of treatment duration: the good enough level.
M Barkham, J Connell, WB Stiles, JNV Miles, F Margison, C Evans, ...
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Criticizing and reassuring oneself: An exploration of forms, styles and reasons in female students
P Gilbert, M Clarke, S Hempel, JNV Miles, C Irons
British Journal of Clinical Psychology 43 (1), 31-50
An investigation into the relationship between salivary cortisol, stress, anxiety and depression
K Vedhara, J Miles, P Bennett, S Plummer, D Tallon, E Brooks, L Gale, ...
Biological psychology 62 (2), 89-96
Efficacy of small group reading intervention for beginning readers with reading‐delay: a randomised controlled trial
PJ Hatcher, C Hulme, JNV Miles, JM Carroll, J Hatcher, S Gibbs, G Smith, ...
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 47 (8), 820-827
An exploration of evolved mental mechanisms for dominant and subordinate behaviour in relation to auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia and critical thoughts in depression
P Gilbert, M Birchwood, J Gilbert, P Trower, J Hay, B Murray, A Meaden, ...
Psychological medicine 31 (06), 1117-1127
Sensitivity to Social Put-Down: it's relationship to perceptions of social rank, shame, social anxiety, depression, anger and self-other blame
P Gilbert, JNV Miles
Personality and Individual Differences 29 (4), 757-774
Improving early language and literacy skills: Differential effects of an oral language versus a phonology with reading intervention
C Bowyer‐Crane, MJ Snowling, FJ Duff, E Fieldsend, JM Carroll, J Miles, ...
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 49 (4), 422-432
Effects of sample size, model specification and factor loadings on the GFI in confirmatory factor analysis
M Shevlin, JNV Miles
Personality and Individual Differences 25 (1), 85-90
The use of unequal randomisation ratios in clinical trials: a review
JC Dumville, S Hahn, JNV Miles, DJ Torgerson
Contemporary clinical trials 27 (1), 1-12
Hippocampal volume is as variable in young as in older adults: implications for the notion of hippocampal atrophy in humans
SJ Lupien, A Evans, C Lord, J Miles, M Pruessner, B Pike, JC Pruessner
Neuroimage 34 (2), 479-485
Self-harm in adolescents: self-report survey in schools in Scotland
RC O’Connor, S Rasmussen, J Miles, K Hawton
The British Journal of Psychiatry 194 (1), 68-72
Brief motivational interviewing for teens at risk of substance use consequences: a randomized pilot study in a primary care clinic
EJ D'Amico, JNV Miles, SA Stern, LS Meredith
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Relationship of anhedonia and anxiety to social rank, defeat and entrapment
P Gilbert, S Allan, S Brough, S Melley, JNV Miles
Journal of Affective Disorders 71 (1), 141-151
Satisfaction with life scale: Analysis of factorial invariance, mean structures and reliability
M Shevlin, V Brunsden, JNV Miles
Personality and Individual Differences 25 (5), 911-916
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