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Non linear constitutive models for lattice materials
A Vigliotti, VS Deshpande, D Pasini
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 64, 44-60
Mechanical properties of hierarchical lattices
A Vigliotti, D Pasini
Mechanics of Materials 62, 32-43
Stiffness and strength of tridimensional periodic lattices
A Vigliotti, D Pasini
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 229, 27-43
Linear multiscale analysis and finite element validation of stretching and bending dominated lattice materials
A Vigliotti, D Pasini
Mechanics of Materials 46, 57-68
A Multiscale Approach to Assess the Effect of Multilevel Structuring on the Properties of Hierarchical Lattice Materials
A Vigliotti, D Pasini
MRS Proceedings 1420, mrsf11-1420-oo02-04
Vibro-acoustic design of an aircraft-type active window, Part 1: dynamic modelling and experimental validation
I Dimino, A Vigliotti, MHF Aliabadi
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 50 (1), 169-192
Mechanical and Thermal Qualification/Acceptance activities of the Experiments and Payloads for the EXPERT-ESA Experimental Re-Entry Vehicle.
A Del Vecchio, GMR Gardi, A Vigliotti, J Thoemel, F Ratti, JG Izquierdo
& Proceedings 저널· 프로시딩즈| 기술보고서| 해외연구초록| Reference DB| 공학 ...
Structural optimization of lattice materials
A Vigliotti, D Pasini
ASME 2011 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and ...
Finite element implementation of a multivariant shape memory alloy model
A Vigliotti
Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures
Evaluation of Methods for Developing Active Vibration Control in Aircraft Trim Panels
A Vigliotti
SAE Technical Paper
Laminar-turbulent transition flight experiment on the EXPERT capsule
RS Donelli, D De Rosa, M Di Clemente, A Schettino, C Sellitto, A Vigliotti, ...
16th AIAA/DLR/DGLR International Space Planes and Hypersonic Systems and ...
Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction Measurement Assembly on the EXPERT Capsule
M Di Clemente, C Sellitto, A Vigliotti, A Martucci, M Marini
16th AIAA/DLR/DGLR International Space Planes and Hypersonic Systems and ...
Design and testing of an Active Constrained Layer Damping demonstrator for aircraft's cabin noise reduction
A Vigliotti, A Sorrentino
38th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering 2009 ...
Crashworthiness of helicopters on water: Test and simulation of a full-scale WG30 impacting on water
N Pentecôte, A Vigliotti
International Journal of Crashworthiness 8 (6), 559-572
Simulation of the impact on water of a sub-floor component and a full-scale WG 30 helicopter
N Pentecôte, A Vigliotti
AHS International, 58 th Annual Forum Proceedings- 2, 1939-1949
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