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Expression of antifreeze proteins in transgenic plants
R Hightower, C Baden, E Penzes, P Lund, P Dunsmuir
Plant Molecular Biology 17 (5), 1013-1021
Binding of a chaperonin to the folding intermediates of lactate dehydrogenase
IG Badcoe, CJ Smith, S Wood, DJ Halsall, JJ Holbrook, P Lund, ...
Biochemistry 30 (38), 9195-9200
Microbial molecular chaperones
PA Lund
Advances in microbial physiology 44, 93-140
Homologous recombination in plant cells after Agrobacterium-mediated transformation.
KY Lee, P Lund, K Lowe, P Dunsmuir
The Plant Cell Online 2 (5), 415-425
Probing bactericidal mechanisms induced by cold atmospheric plasmas with Escherichia coli mutants
S Perni, G Shama, JL Hobman, PA Lund, CJ Kershaw, GA Hidalgo-Arroyo, ...
Applied Physics Letters 90 (7), 073902
Transcriptional regulation of the mercury-resistance genes of transposon Tn501
PA Lund, SJ Ford, NL Brown
Journal of general microbiology 132 (2), 465-480
Role of the< i> merT</i> and< i> merP</i> gene products of transposon Tn< i> 501</i> in the induction and expression of resistance to mercuric ions
PA Lund, NL Brown
Gene 52 (2), 207-214
The Escherichia coli small heat-shock proteins IbpA and IbpB prevent the aggregation of endogenous proteins denatured in vivo during extreme heat shock
D Kuczynska-Wisnik, S Kçdzierska, E Matuszewska, P Lund, A Taylor, ...
Microbiology 148 (6), 1757-1765
Multiple chaperonins in bacteria–why so many?
PA Lund
FEMS microbiology reviews 33 (4), 785-800
A kinetic analysis of the nucleotide-induced allosteric transitions of GroEL
MJ Cliff, NM Kad, N Hay, PA Lund, MR Webb, SG Burston, AR Clarke
Journal of molecular biology 293 (3), 667-684
Expression of LacZ from the htrA, nirB and groE promoters in a Salmonella vaccine strain: influence of growth in mammalian cells
P Everest, G Frankel, J Li, P Lund, S Chatfield, G Dougan
FEMS microbiology letters 126 (1), 97-101
Human protein disulfide isomerase functionally complements a dsbA mutation and enhances the yield of pectate lyase C in Escherichia coli
DP Humphreys, N Weir, A Mountain, PA Lund
Journal of Biological Chemistry 270 (47), 28210-28215
In vivo activities of GroEL minichaperones
J Chatellier, F Hill, PA Lund, AR Fersht
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 95 (17), 9861-9866
A Mycobacterium tuberculosis mutant lacking the groEL homologue cpn60. 1 is viable but fails to induce an inflammatory response in animal models of infection
Y Hu, B Henderson, PA Lund, P Tormay, MT Ahmed, SS Gurcha, ...
Infection and immunity 76 (4), 1535-1546
The roles of molecular chaperones in vivo.
PA Lund
Essays in biochemistry 29, 113-123
Co-expression of human protein disulphide isomerase (PDI) can increase the yield of an antibody Fab′ fragment expressed in< i> Escherichia coli</i>
DP Humphreys, N Weir, A Lawson, A Mountain, PA Lund
FEBS letters 380 (1), 194-197
Bacterial chitinase is modified and secreted in transgenic tobacco
P Lund, RY Lee, P Dunsmuir
Plant physiology 91 (1), 130-135
Regulation of transcription in< i> Escherichia coli</i> from the< i> mer</i> and< i> merR</i> promoters in the transposon Tn501
PA Lund, NL Brown
Journal of molecular biology 205 (2), 343-353
Characterization of a tightly controlled promoter of the halophilic archaeon Haloferax volcanii and its use in the analysis of the essential cct1 gene
A Large, C Stamme, C Lange, Z Duan, T Allers, J Soppa, PA Lund
Molecular microbiology 66 (5), 1092-1106
Mutations in dsbA and dsbB, but not dsbC, lead to an enhanced sensitivity of Escherichia coli to Hg2+ and Cd2+
SJ Stafford, DP Humphreys, PA Lund
FEMS microbiology letters 174 (1), 179-184
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