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Developing a quality criteria framework for patient decision aids: online international Delphi consensus process
G Elwyn, A O'Connor, D Stacey, R Volk, A Edwards, A Coulter, ...
Bmj 333 (7565), 417
Explaining risks: turning numerical data into meaningful pictures
A Edwards, G Elwyn, A Mulley
Bmj 324 (7341), 827-830
Decision aids for people facing health treatment or screening decisions
D Stacey, CL Bennett, MJ Barry, NF Col, KB Eden, M Holmes-Rovner, ...
Cochrane Database Syst Rev 10 (10)
Shared decision making and the concept of equipoise: the competences of involving patients in healthcare choices.
G Elwyn, A Edwards, P Kinnersley, R Grol
British Journal of General Practice 50 (460), 892-899
Shared decision-making in primary care: the neglected second half of the consultation.
G Elwyn, A Edwards, P Kinnersley
British Journal of General Practice 49 (443), 477-482
Presenting risk information a review of the effects of framing and other manipulations on patient outcomes
A Edwards, G Elwyn, J Covey, E Matthews, R Pill
Journal of health communication 6 (1), 61-82
Towards a feasible model for shared decision making: focus group study with general practice registrars
G Elwyn, A Edwards, R Gwyn, R Grol
Bmj 319 (7212), 753-756
Shared decision making: developing the OPTION scale for measuring patient involvement
G Elwyn, A Edwards, M Wensing, K Hood, C Atwell, R Grol
Quality and Safety in health care 12 (2), 93-99
Measuring the involvement of patients in shared decision-making: a systematic review of instruments
G Elwyn, A Edwards, S Mowle, M Wensing, C Wilkinson, P Kinnersley, ...
Patient education and counseling 43 (1), 5-22
The OPTION scale: measuring the extent that clinicians involve patients in decision‐making tasks
G Elwyn, H Hutchings, A Edwards, F Rapport, M Wensing, WY Cheung, ...
Health Expectations 8 (1), 34-42
Evidence-based patient choice: inevitable or impossible?
A Edwards, G Elwyn
Oxford University Press, USA
Shared decision-making in health care: Achieving evidence-based patient choice
A Edwards, G Elwyn
Oxford University Press
Inside the black box of shared decision making: distinguishing between the process of involvement and who makes the decision
A Edwards, G Elwyn
Health Expectations 9 (4), 307-320
Methods for incorporating patients' views in health care
M Wensing, G Elwyn
Bmj 326 (7394), 877-879
Decision analysis in patient care
G Elwyn, A Edwards, M Eccles, D Rovner
The Lancet 358 (9281), 571-574
Understanding risk and lessons for clinical risk communication about treatment preferences
A Edwards, G Elwyn
Quality in Health Care 10 (suppl 1), i9-i13
Review of instruments for peer assessment of physicians
R Evans, G Elwyn, A Edwards
BMJ 328 (7450), 1240
Personalised risk communication for informed decision making about taking screening tests
AG Edwards, R Evans, J Dundon, S Haigh, K Hood, GJ Elwyn
Cochrane Database Syst Rev 4
Narrative based medicine: stories we hear and stories we tell: analysing talk in clinical practice
G Elwyn, R Gwyn
BMJ: British Medical Journal 318 (7177), 186
Consultations about changing behaviour
S Rollnick, CC Butler, J McCambridge, P Kinnersley, G Elwyn, ...
BMJ 331 (7522), 961-963
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