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Pandemic potential of a strain of influenza A (H1N1): early findings
C Fraser, CA Donnelly, S Cauchemez, WP Hanage, MD Van Kerkhove, ...
science 324 (5934), 1557-1561
Origins and evolutionary genomics of the 2009 swine-origin H1N1 influenza A epidemic
GJD Smith, D Vijaykrishna, J Bahl, SJ Lycett, M Worobey, OG Pybus, ...
Nature 459 (7250), 1122-1125
Bayesian coalescent inference of past population dynamics from molecular sequences
AJ Drummond, A Rambaut, B Shapiro, OG Pybus
Molecular biology and evolution 22 (5), 1185-1192
Unifying the epidemiological and evolutionary dynamics of pathogens
BT Grenfell, OG Pybus, JR Gog, JLN Wood, JM Daly, JA Mumford, ...
Science 303 (5656), 327-332
The genomic and epidemiological dynamics of human influenza A virus
A Rambaut, OG Pybus, MI Nelson, C Viboud, JK Taubenberger, ...
Nature 453 (7195), 615-619
Testing macro–evolutionary models using incomplete molecular phylogenies
OG Pybus, PH Harvey
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences ...
Rise and fall of the Beringian steppe bison
B Shapiro, AJ Drummond, A Rambaut, MC Wilson, PE Matheus, AV Sher, ...
Science 306 (5701), 1561-1565
Rates of molecular evolution in RNA viruses: a quantitative phylogenetic analysis
GM Jenkins, A Rambaut, OG Pybus, EC Holmes
Journal of molecular evolution 54 (2), 156-165
Tracing the origin and history of the HIV-2 epidemic
P Lemey, OG Pybus, B Wang, NK Saksena, M Salemi, AM Vandamme
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (11), 6588-6592
The epidemic behavior of the hepatitis C virus
OG Pybus, MA Charleston, S Gupta, A Rambaut, EC Holmes, PH Harvey
Science 292 (5525), 2323-2325
Recent epidemic of acute hepatitis C virus in HIV-positive men who have sex with men linked to high-risk sexual behaviours
M Danta, D Brown, S Bhagani, OG Pybus, CA Sabin, M Nelson, M Fisher, ...
Aids 21 (8), 983-991
Adaptation of HIV-1 to human leukocyte antigen class I
Y Kawashima, K Pfafferott, J Frater, P Matthews, R Payne, M Addo, ...
Nature 458 (7238), 641-645
An integrated framework for the inference of viral population history from reconstructed genealogies
OG Pybus, A Rambaut, PH Harvey
Genetics 155 (3), 1429-1437
The epidemiology and iatrogenic transmission of hepatitis C virus in Egypt: a Bayesian coalescent approach
OG Pybus, AJ Drummond, T Nakano, BH Robertson, A Rambaut
Molecular biology and evolution 20 (3), 381-387
Evolutionary analysis of the dynamics of viral infectious disease
OG Pybus, A Rambaut
Nature Reviews Genetics 10 (8), 540-550
Measurably evolving populations
AJ Drummond, OG Pybus, A Rambaut, R Forsberg, AG Rodrigo
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 18 (9), 481-488
Evidence of a large, international network of HCV transmission in HIV-positive men who have sex with men
T van de Laar, O Pybus, S Bruisten, D Brown, M Nelson, S Bhagani, ...
Gastroenterology 136 (5), 1609-1617
Disease-associated XMRV sequences are consistent with laboratory contamination
S Hué, ER Gray, A Gall, A Katzourakis, CP Tan, CJ Houldcroft, S McLaren, ...
Retrovirology 7 (1), 111
Exploring the demographic history of DNA sequences using the generalized skyline plot
K Strimmer, OG Pybus
Molecular Biology and Evolution 18 (12), 2298-2305
Dominant influence of an HLA‐B27 restricted CD8+ T cell response in mediating HCV clearance and evolution
C Neumann‐Haefelin, S McKiernan, S Ward, S Viazov, HC Spangenberg, ...
Hepatology 43 (3), 563-572
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