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Recognition by Max of its cognate DNA through a dimeric b/HLH/Z domain
AR Ferré-D'Amaré, GC Prendergast, EB Ziff, SK Burley
Nature 363 (6424), 38-45
Association of Myn, the murine homolog of max, with c-Myc stimulates methylation-sensitive DNA binding and ras cotransformation
GC Prendergast, D Lawe, EB Ziff
Cell 65 (3), 395-407
Inhibition of indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase, an immunoregulatory target of the cancer suppression gene Bin1, potentiates cancer chemotherapy
AJ Muller, JB DuHadaway, PS Donover, E Sutanto-Ward, GC Prendergast
Nature medicine 11 (3), 312-319
Methylation-sensitive sequence-specific DNA binding by the c-Myc basic region
GC Prendergast, EB Ziff
Science 251 (4990), 186-189
Mechanisms of apoptosis by c-Myc
GC Prendergast
Oncogene 18 (19), 2967-2987
BAP1: a novel ubiquitin hydrolase which binds to the BRCA1 RING finger and enhances BRCA1-mediated cell growth suppression.
DE Jensen, M Proctor, ST Marquis, HP Gardner, SI Ha, LA Chodosh, ...
Oncogene 16 (9), 1097-1112
c-Myc represses transcription in vivo by a novel mechanism dependent on the initiator element and Myc box II.
LH Li, C Nerlov, G Prendergast, D MacGregor, EB Ziff
The EMBO Journal 13 (17), 4070
Critical role of Rho in cell transformation by oncogenic Ras.
GC Prendergast, R Khosravi-Far, PA Solski, H Kurzawa, PF Lebowitz, ...
Oncogene 10 (12), 2289-2296
BIN1 is a novel MYC–interacting protein with features of a tumour suppressor
D Sakamuro, KJ Elliott, R Wechsler-Reya, GC Prendergast
Nature genetics 14 (1), 69-77
The polyproline region of p53 is required to activate apoptosis but not growth arrest.
D Sakamuro, P Sabbatini, E White, GC Prendergast
Oncogene 15 (8), 887-898
Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 gene-deficient mice. I. Generation by homologous recombination and characterization.
P Carmeliet, L Kieckens, L Schoonjans, B Ream, A Van Nuffelen, ...
Journal of Clinical Investigation 92 (6), 2746
Inhibition of indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase in dendritic cells by stereoisomers of 1-methyl-tryptophan correlates with antitumor responses
DY Hou, AJ Muller, MD Sharma, J DuHadaway, T Banerjee, M Johnson, ...
Cancer Research 67 (2), 792-801
Cell growth inhibition by farnesyltransferase inhibitors is mediated by gain of geranylgeranylated RhoB
W Du, PF Lebowitz, GC Prendergast
Molecular and cellular biology 19 (3), 1831-1840
Farnesyltransferase inhibitors alter the prenylation and growth-stimulating function of RhoB
PF Lebowitz, PJ Casey, GC Prendergast, JA Thissen
Journal of Biological Chemistry 272 (25), 15591-15594
Non-Ras targets of farnesyltransferase inhibitors: focus on Rho.
PF Lebowitz, GC Prendergast
Oncogene 17 (11 Reviews), 1439-1445
Indoleamine 2, 3‐dioxygenase in T‐cell tolerance and tumoral immune escape
JB Katz, AJ Muller, GC Prendergast
Immunological reviews 222 (1), 206-221
Farnesyltransferase inhibition causes morphological reversion of ras-transformed cells by a complex mechanism that involves regulation of the actin cytoskeleton.
GC Prendergast, JP Davide, EA Giuliani, SL Graham, JB Gibbs, A Oliff, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 14 (6), 4193-4202
Evidence that farnesyltransferase inhibitors suppress Ras transformation by interfering with Rho activity.
PF Lebowitz, JP Davide, GC Prendergast
Molecular and cellular biology 15 (12), 6613-6622
Novel tryptophan catabolic enzyme IDO2 is the preferred biochemical target of the antitumor indoleamine 2, 3-dioxygenase inhibitory compound D-1-methyl-tryptophan
R Metz, JB DuHadaway, U Kamasani, L Laury-Kleintop, AJ Muller, ...
Cancer research 67 (15), 7082-7087
Farnesyl transferase inhibitors induce apoptosis of Ras-transformed cells denied substratum attachment
PF Lebowitz, D Sakamuro, GC Prendergast
Cancer research 57 (4), 708-713
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