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A DNA barcode for land plants
PM Hollingsworth, LL Forrest, JL Spouge, M Hajibabaei, S Ratnasingham, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (31), 12794-12797
Selecting barcoding loci for plants: evaluation of seven candidate loci with species‐level sampling in three divergent groups of land plants
ML Hollingsworth, A Clark, LL Forrest, J Richardson, RT Pennington, ...
Molecular Ecology Resources 9 (2), 439-457
Unraveling the evolutionary history of the liverworts (Marchantiophyta): multiple taxa, genomes and analyses
LL Forrest, EC Davis, DG Long, BJ Crandall-Stotler, A Clark, ...
The Bryologist 109 (3), 303-334
Pleistocene and pre-Pleistocene< i> Begonia</i> speciation in Africa
V Plana, A Gascoigne, LL Forrest, D Harris, RT Pennington
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 31 (2), 449-461
A phylogeny of the simple thalloid liverworts (Jungermanniopsida, Metzgeriidae) as inferred from five chloroplast genes
LL Forrest, BJ Crandall-Stotler
Monographs in Systematic Botany from the Missouri Botanical Garden 98, 119-140
Dating the Diversification of the pleurocarpous mosses
AE Newton, N Wikström, N Bell, LL Forrest, MS Ignatov
Pleurocarpous mosses: Systematics and evolution 71, 337
Phylogenetic position and biogeography of Hillebrandia sandwicensis (Begoniaceae): a rare Hawaiian relict
WL Clement, MC Tebbitt, LL Forrest, JE Blair, L Brouillet, T Eriksson, ...
American Journal of Botany 91 (6), 905-917
Progress towards a robust phylogeny for the liverworts, with particular focus on the simple thalloids (Selected Papers Presented at the 15 World Congress on Bryology Held at Merida, Venezuela, January 12-16, 2004)
LL Forrest, BJ Crandall-Stotler
Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory, 127-159
Evolutionary trends in the simple thalloid liverworts (Marchantiophyta, Jungermanniopsida subclass Metzgeriidae)
BJ Crandall-Stotler, L Forrest, RE Stotler
Taxon 54 (2), 299-316
A recircumscription of Begonia based on nuclear ribosomal sequences
LL Forrest, PM Hollingsworth
Plant Systematics and Evolution 241 (3-4), 193-211
A phylogeny of Begonia using nuclear ribosomal sequence data and morphological characters
LL Forrest, M Hughes, PM Hollingsworth
Systematic Botany 30 (3), 671-682
Phylogenetic relationships of Asian Begonia, with an emphasis on the evolution of rain-ballist and animal dispersal mechanisms in sections Platycentrum, Sphenanthera and Leprosae
MC Tebbitt, L Lowe-Forrest, A Santoriello, WL Clement, SM Swensen
Systematic botany 31 (2), 327-336
Microsatellite primers in the Peltigera dolichorhiza complex (lichenized ascomycete, Peltigerales)
N Magain, LL Forrest, E Sérusiaux, B Goffinet
American journal of botany 97 (10), e102-e104
Deep sequencing of Ptilidium (Ptilidiaceae) suggests evolutionary stasis in liverwort plastid genome structure
LL Forrest, NJ Wickett, CJ Cox, B Goffinet
Plant Ecology and Evolution 144 (1), 29-43
A molecular phylogenetic study of Mannia (Marchantiophyta, Aytoniaceae) using chloroplast and nuclear markers
DB Schill, DG Long, LL Forrest
The Bryologist 113 (1), 164-179
A molecular study of the simple thalloid liverwort Jensenia (Marchantiophyta, Pallaviciniaceae)
LL Forrest, SW Schuette, BJ Crandall-Stotler, RE Stotler
The Bryologist 108 (2), 204-211
Realignment of the genera of Cleveaceae (Marchantiopsida, Marchantiidae)
SCK Rubasinghe, R Milne, LL Forrest, DG Long
The Bryologist 114 (1), 116-127
Molecular and morphological evidence for distinct species in Dumortiera (Dumortieraceae)
LL Forrest, NS Allen, JA Gudiño, H Korpelainen, DG Long
The bryologist 114 (1), 102-115
Hillebrandia sandwicensis: Evolutionary relationships and biogeography
SM Swensen, WL Clement, LL Forrest, MC Tebbitt
Botany 2001 Abstracts. Botanical Society of Amer-ica, St. Louis, 95
Phaeoceros proskaueri sp. nov., a New Species of the Phaeoceros hallii (Austin) Prosk.-Phaeoceros pearsonii (M. Howe) Prosk. Complex and the Systematic Affinities of Paraphymatoceros Hässel
BJ Crandall-Stotler, RE Stotler, WT Doyle, LL Forrest
Fieldiana Botany, 213-238
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