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Molecular analysis of the Duchenne muscular dystrophy region using pulsed field gel electrophoresis
S Kenwrick, M Patterson, A Speer, K Fischbeck, K Davies
Cell 48 (2), 351-357
Androgen receptor gene mutations identified by SSCP in fourteen subjects with androgen insensitivity syndrome
JA Batch, DM Williams, HR Davies, BD Brown, BAJ Evans, IA Hughes, ...
Human molecular genetics 1 (7), 497-503
Molecular characterization of cell cycle gene CDC7 from Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
M Patterson, RA Sclafani, WL Fangman, J Rosamond
Molecular and cellular biology 6 (5), 1590-1598
Chromosome-specific alpha satellite DNA from human chromosome 1: hierarchical structure and genomic organization of a polymorphic domain spanning several hundred kilobase pairs of centromeric DNA
JS Waye, SJ Durfy, D Pinkel, S Kenwrick, M Patterson, KE Davies, ...
Genomics 1 (1), 43-51
Differential regulation of the yeast CDC7 gene during mitosis and meiosis.
RA Sclafani, M Patterson, J Rosamond, WL Fangman
Molecular and cellular biology 8 (1), 293-300
Functional analysis of six androgen receptor mutations identified in patients with partial androgen insensitivity syndrome
CL Bevan, BB Brown, HR Davies, BAJ Evans, IA Hughes, MN Patterson
Human molecular genetics 5 (2), 265-273
Evidence that xeroderma pigmentosum cells from complementation group E are deficient in a homolog of yeast photolyase.
M Patterson, G Chu
Molecular and cellular biology 9 (11), 5105-5112
Physical mapping studies on the human X chromosome in the region Xq27-Xqter
M Patterson, C Schwartz, M Bell, S Sauer, M Hofker, B Trask, ...
Genomics 1 (4), 297-306
Androgen insensitivity syndrome: a survey of diagnostic procedures and management in the UK
RM Viner, Y Teoh, DM Williams, MN Patterson, IA Hughes
Archives of disease in childhood 77 (4), 305-309
Phenotypic diversity in siblings with partial androgen insensitivity syndrome
BAJ Evans, IA Hughes, CL Bevan, MN Patterson, JW Gregory
Archives of disease in childhood 76 (6), 529-531
MASA syndrome: further clinical delineation and chromosomal localisation
RM Winter, KE Davies, MV Bell, SM Huson, MN Patterson
Human genetics 82 (4), 367-370
Mapping of DNA markers close to the fraglle site on the human X chromosome at Xq25–3
M Patterson, S Kenwrick, S Thibodeau, K Faulk, MG Mattei, JF Mattei, ...
Nucleic acids research 15 (6), 2639-2651
8 Androgen insensitivity syndrome
MN Patterson, MJ McPhaul, IA Hughes
Baillière's clinical endocrinology and metabolism 8 (2), 379-404
Mutational screening of the Wilms's tumour gene, WT1, in males with genital abnormalities.
PA Clarkson, HR Davies, DM Williams, R Chaudhary, IA Hughes, ...
Journal of medical genetics 30 (9), 767-772
Mutations of the androgen receptor gene identified in perineal hypospadias.
JA Batch, BA Evans, IA Hughes, MN Patterson
Journal of medical genetics 30 (3), 198-201
Physical linkage of a GABAA receptor subunit gene to the DXS374 locus in human Xq28.
MV Bell, J Bloomfield, M McKinley, MN Patterson, MG Darlison, ...
American journal of human genetics 45 (6), 883
Genetic and physical mapping of a novel region close to the fragile X site on the human X chromosome
MN Patterson, MV Bell, J Bloomfield, T Flint, H Dorkins, SN Thibodeau, ...
Genomics 4 (4), 570-578
Phenotypic variation and detection of carrier status in the partial androgen insensitivity syndrome.
JA Batch, HR Davies, BA Evans, IA Hughes, MN Patterson
Archives of disease in childhood 68 (4), 453-457
The androgen receptor gene mutations database.
MN Patterson, IA Hughes, B Gottlieb, L Pinsky
Nucleic acids research 22 (17), 3560
Linear order of new and established DNA markers around the fragile site at Xq27. 3
MC Hirst, A Roche, TJ Flint, RN MacKinnon, JHD Bassett, Y Nakahori, ...
Genomics 10 (1), 243-249
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