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A specific neural substrate for perceiving facial expressions of disgust
ML Phillips, AW Young, C Senior, M Brammer, C Andrew, AJ Calder, ...
Nature 389 (6650), 495-498
A differential neural response to threatening and non-threatening negative facial expressions in paranoid and non-paranoid schizophrenics
ML Phillips, L Williams, C Senior, ET Bullmore, MJ Brammer, C Andrew, ...
Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 92 (1), 11-31
Recognition accuracy and response bias to happy and sad facial expressions in patients with major depression.
SA Surguladze, AW Young, C Senior, G Brébion, MJ Travis, ML Phillips
Neuropsychology 18 (2), 212
Towards a functional neuroanatomy of self processing: effects of faces and words
TTJ Kircher, C Senior, ML Phillips, PJ Benson, ET Bullmore, M Brammer, ...
Cognitive Brain Research 10 (1), 133-144
Recognizing one's own face
TTJ Kircher, C Senior, ML Phillips, S Rabe-Hesketh, PJ Benson, ...
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The functional neuroanatomy of implicit-motion perception or ‘representational momentum’
C Senior, J Barnes, V Giampietroc, A Simmons, ET Bullmore, M Brammer, ...
Current Biology 10 (1), 16-22
A differential neural response in obsessive–compulsive disorder patients with washing compared with checking symptoms to disgust
ML Phillips, IM Marks, C Senior, D Lythgoe, AM O'DWYER, O Meehan, ...
Psychological medicine 30 (05), 1037-1050
Disgust: The forgotten emotion of psychiatry.
ML Phillips, T Fahy, AS David, C Senior
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Autonomic response in depersonalization disorder
M Sierra, C Senior, J Dalton, M McDonough, A Bond, ML Phillips, ...
Archives of General Psychiatry 59 (9), 833-838
Depersonalisation disorder: clinical features of 204 cases
D Baker, E Hunter, E Lawrence, N Medford, M Patel, C Senior, M Sierra, ...
The British Journal of Psychiatry 182 (5), 428-433
Depersonalization disorder: thinking without feeling
ML Phillips, N Medford, C Senior, ET Bullmore, J Suckling, MJ Brammer, ...
Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 108 (3), 145-160
Perception of threat in schizophrenics with persecutory delusions: an investigation using visual scan paths
ML Phillips, C Senior, AS David
Psychological medicine 30 (01), 157-167
Beauty in the brain of the beholder
C Senior
Neuron 38 (4), 525-528
Cortical activity during rotational and linear transformations
J Barnes, RJ Howard, C Senior, M Brammer, ET Bullmore, A Simmons, ...
Neuropsychologia 38 (8), 1148-1156
An investigation into the perception of dominance from schematic faces: A study using the World-Wide Web
C Senior, ML Phillips, J Barnes, AS David
Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers 31 (2), 341-346
PERSPECTIVE-Organizational Cognitive Neuroscience
C Senior, N Lee, M Butler
Organization Science 22 (3), 804-815
Representational momentum and the brain: An investigation into the functional necessity of V5/MT
C Senior, J Ward, AS David
Visual Cognition 9 (1-2), 81-92
Primary and secondary depersonalisation disorder:: a psychometric study
MV Lambert, C Senior, WD Fewtrell, ML Phillips, AS David
Journal of affective disorders 63 (1), 249-256
Educating an iPod generation: undergraduate attitudes, experiences and understanding of vodcast and podcast use
V Parson, P Reddy, J Wood, C Senior
Learning, Media and Technology 34 (3), 215-228
In search of the" Duchenne Smile": Evidence from eye movements.
LM Williams, C Senior, AS David, CM Loughland, E Gordon
Journal of Psychophysiology 15 (2), 122
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