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Non-technical skills in the intensive care unit
T Reader, R Flin, K Lauche, BH Cuthbertson
British Journal of Anaesthesia 96 (5), 551-559
Interdisciplinary communication in the intensive care unit
TW Reader, R Flin, K Mearns, BH Cuthbertson
British journal of anaesthesia 98 (3), 347-352
Developing a team performance framework for the intensive care unit*
TW Reader, R Flin, K Mearns, BH Cuthbertson
Critical care medicine 37 (5), 1787-1793
Communication skills and error in the intensive care unit
TW Reader, R Flin, BH Cuthbertson
Current opinion in critical care 13 (6), 732-736
Organizational support and safety outcomes: An un-investigated relationship?
KJ Mearns, T Reader
Safety science 46 (3), 388-397
Burnout in the ICU: potential consequences for staff and patient well-being
TW Reader, BH Cuthbertson, J Decruyenaere
Intensive care medicine 34 (1), 4-6
Team situation awareness and the anticipation of patient progress during ICU rounds
TW Reader, R Flin, K Mearns, BH Cuthbertson
BMJ Quality & Safety 20 (12), 1035-1042
Team leadership in the intensive care unit: The perspective of specialists*
TW Reader, R Flin, BH Cuthbertson
Critical care medicine 39 (7), 1683-1691
Teamwork and team training in the ICU: Where do the similarities with aviation end?
TW Reader, BH Cuthbertson
Critical Care 15 (6), 313
Patient neglect in healthcare institutions: A systematic review and conceptual model
TW Reader, A Gillespie
BMC health services research 13 (1), 156
Development of a methodology for understanding and enhancing safety culture in Air Traffic Management
K Mearns, B Kirwan, TW Reader, J Jackson, R Kennedy, R Gordon
Safety Science 53, 123-133
Factors affecting team communication in the intensive care unit (ICU)
T Reader, R Flin, B Cuthbertson
Improving healthcare team communication: Building on lessons from aviation ...
Patient neglect in 21st century healthcare institutions: a community health psychology perspective
TW Reader, A Gillespie, J Mannell
Journal of health psychology 19, 137-148
Beyond ideal speech situations: Adapting to communication asymmetries in health care
A Gillespie, T Reader, F Cornish, C Campbell
Journal of health psychology 19 (1), 72-78
The self‐construal of nurses and doctors: beliefs on interdependence and independence in the care of older people
BG Voyer, T Reader
Journal of advanced nursing 16, 2696–2706
Learning through high-fidelity anaesthetic simulation: the role of episodic memory
TW Reader
British journal of anaesthesia 107 (4), 483-487
The Deepwater Horizon explosion: non-technical skills, safety culture, and system complexity
TW Reader, P O'Connor
Journal of risk research 17, 405-424
Insights from Societal Psychology: The contextual politics of change
C Howarth, C Campbell, F Cornish, B Franks, L Garcia-Lorenzo, ...
Journal of Social and Political Psychology 1 (1), 364-384
Techniques for Improving the Performance of Healthcare Teams Learning from Aviation and Other HROs.
P O’Connor, T Reader, E Salas, S Yule, T Sundt, D Musson, D Wiegmann
Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting 55 (1 ...
Teamwork and Team Cognition in the Intensive Care Unit
TW Reader
University of Aberdeen
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