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Nanowire active-matrix circuitry for low-voltage macroscale artificial skin
K Takei, T Takahashi, JC Ho, H Ko, AG Gillies, PW Leu, RS Fearing, ...
Nature materials 9 (10), 821-826
Toward the development of printable nanowire electronics and sensors
Z Fan, JC Ho, T Takahashi, R Yerushalmi, K Takei, AC Ford, YL Chueh, ...
Advanced Materials 21 (37), 3730-3743
Ultrathin compound semiconductor on insulator layers for high-performance nanoscale transistors
H Ko, K Takei, R Kapadia, S Chuang, H Fang, PW Leu, K Ganapathi, ...
Nature 468 (7321), 286-289
High-performance single layered WSe2 p-FETs with chemically doped contacts
H Fang, S Chuang, TC Chang, K Takei, T Takahashi, A Javey
Nano letters 12 (7), 3788-3792
Ordered arrays of dual-diameter nanopillars for maximized optical absorption
Z Fan, R Kapadia, PW Leu, X Zhang, YL Chueh, K Takei, K Yu, ...
Nano letters 10 (10), 3823-3827
Metal-catalyzed crystallization of amorphous carbon to graphene
M Zheng, K Takei, B Hsia, H Fang, X Zhang, N Ferralis, H Ko, YL Chueh, ...
Applied Physics Letters 96 (6), 063110
Dramatic reduction of surface recombination by in situ surface passivation of silicon nanowires
Y Dan, K Seo, K Takei, JH Meza, A Javey, KB Crozier
Nano letters 11 (6), 2527-2532
Extremely bendable, high-performance integrated circuits using semiconducting carbon nanotube networks for digital, analog, and radio-frequency applications
C Wang, JC Chien, K Takei, T Takahashi, J Nah, AM Niknejad, A Javey
Nano letters 12 (3), 1527-1533
Optically-and thermally-responsive programmable materials based on carbon nanotube-hydrogel polymer composites
X Zhang, CL Pint, MH Lee, BE Schubert, A Jamshidi, K Takei, H Ko, ...
Nano letters 11 (8), 3239-3244
Black Ge based on crystalline/amorphous core/shell nanoneedle arrays
YL Chueh, Z Fan, K Takei, H Ko, R Kapadia, AA Rathore, N Miller, K Yu, ...
Nano letters 10 (2), 520-523
Carbon nanotube active-matrix backplanes for conformal electronics and sensors
T Takahashi, K Takei, AG Gillies, RS Fearing, A Javey
Nano letters 11 (12), 5408-5413
Parallel array InAs nanowire transistors for mechanically bendable, ultrahigh frequency electronics
T Takahashi, K Takei, E Adabi, Z Fan, AM Niknejad, A Javey
ACS nano 4 (10), 5855-5860
Low-resistance electrical contact to carbon nanotubes with graphitic interfacial layer
Y Chai, A Hazeghi, K Takei, HY Chen, PCH Chan, A Javey, HSP Wong
Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on 59 (1), 12-19
User-interactive electronic skin for instantaneous pressure visualization
C Wang, D Hwang, Z Yu, K Takei, J Park, T Chen, B Ma, A Javey
Nature materials
Degenerate n-doping of few-layer transition metal dichalcogenides by potassium
H Fang, M Tosun, G Seol, TC Chang, K Takei, J Guo, A Javey
Nano letters 13 (5), 1991-1995
Carbon nanotube electronics–moving forward
C Wang, K Takei, T Takahashi, A Javey
Chemical Society Reviews 42 (7), 2592-2609
Nanoscale doping of InAs via sulfur monolayers
JC Ho, AC Ford, YL Chueh, PW Leu, O Ergen, K Takei, G Smith, P Majhi, ...
Applied Physics Letters 95 (7), 072108
Quantum confinement effects in nanoscale-thickness InAs membranes
K Takei, H Fang, SB Kumar, R Kapadia, Q Gao, M Madsen, HS Kim, ...
Nano letters 11 (11), 5008-5012
p‐Type InP Nanopillar Photocathodes for Efficient Solar‐Driven Hydrogen Production
MH Lee, K Takei, J Zhang, R Kapadia, M Zheng, YZ Chen, J Nah, ...
Angewandte Chemie 124 (43), 10918-10922
Nanopillar photovoltaics: materials, processes, and devices
R Kapadia, Z Fan, K Takei, A Javey
Nano Energy 1 (1), 132-144
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