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A management and control architecture for providing IP differentiated services in MPLS-based networks
P Trimintzios, I Andrikopoulos, G Pavlou, P Flegkas, D Griffin, ...
Communications Magazine, IEEE 39 (5), 80-88
Service level specification semantics, parameters and negotiation requirements
D Goderis, S Van Den Bosch, Y T'joens, O Poupel, C Jacquenet, ...
IP routing issues in satellite constellation networks
L Wood, A Clerget, I Andrikopoulos, G Pavlou, W Dabbous
International Journal of Satellite Communications 19 (1), 69-92
Admission control for providing QoS in DiffServ IP networks: the TEQUILA approach
E Mykoniati, C Charalampous, P Georgatsos, T Damilatis, D Goderis, ...
Communications Magazine, IEEE 41 (1), 38-44
On management technologies and the potential of web services
G Pavlou, P Flegkas, S Gouveris, A Liotta
Communications Magazine, IEEE 42 (7), 58-66
A policy-based quality of service management system for IP DiffServ networks
P Flegkas, P Trimintzios, G Pavlou
Network, IEEE 16 (2), 50-56
Modelling and evaluation of CCN-caching trees
I Psaras, RG Clegg, R Landa, WK Chai, G Pavlou
NETWORKING 2011, 78-91
An overview of routing optimization for internet traffic engineering
N Wang, K Ho, G Pavlou, M Howarth
Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE 10 (1), 36-56
Probabilistic in-network caching for information-centric networks
I Psaras, WK Chai, G Pavlou
Proceedings of the second edition of the ICN workshop on Information-centric ...
Using mobile agents for network performance management
C Bohoris, G Pavlou, H Cruickshank
Network Operations and Management Symposium, 2000. NOMS 2000. 2000 IEEE/IFIP ...
Provisioning for interdomain quality of service: the MESCAL approach
MP Howarth, P Flegkas, G Pavlou, N Wang, P Trimintzios, D Griffin, ...
Communications Magazine, IEEE 43 (6), 129-137
Exploiting agent mobility for large-scale network monitoring
A Liotta, G Pavlou, G Knight
Network, IEEE 16 (3), 7-15
Cache “less for more” in information-centric networks
WK Chai, D He, I Psaras, G Pavlou
NETWORKING 2012, 27-40
Stable clustering through mobility prediction for large-scale multihop intelligent ad hoc networks
S Sivavakeesar, G Pavlou, A Liotta
Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, 2004. WCNC. 2004 IEEE 3 ...
Policy conflict analysis for quality of service management
M Charalambides, P Flegkas, G Pavlou, AK Bandara, EC Lupu, A Russo, ...
Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks, 2005. Sixth IEEE ...
CURLING: Content-ubiquitous resolution and delivery infrastructure for next-generation services
WK Chai, N Wang, I Psaras, G Pavlou, C Wang, GG de Blas, ...
Communications Magazine, IEEE 49 (3), 112-120
An architectural framework for providing QoS in IP differentiated services networks
P Trimintzios, I Andrikopoulos, G Pavlou, CF Cavalcanti, P Georgatsos, ...
Integrated Network Management Proceedings, 2001 IEEE/IFIP International ...
The OSIMIS platform: making OSI management simple
G Pavlou, K McCarthy, S Bhatti, G Knight
Integrated Network Management IV, 480-493
A framework for end-to-end service differentiation: Network planes and parallel Internets
M Boucadair, P Levis, D Griffin, N Wang, M Howarth, G Pavlou, ...
Communications Magazine, IEEE 45 (9), 134-143
End-to-end quality of service provisioning through inter-provider traffic engineering
MP Howarth, M Boucadair, P Flegkas, N Wang, G Pavlou, P Morand, ...
Computer Communications 29 (6), 683-702
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