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The last resort? Staff and client perspectives on physical intervention
R Fish, E Culshaw
Journal of Intellectual Disabilities 9 (2), 93-107
Why couldn’t I stop her? Self injury: the views of staff and clients in a medium secure unit
H Duperouzel, R Fish
British Journal of Learning Disabilities 36 (1), 59-65
Working with People Who Harm Themselves in a Forensic Learning Disability Service Experiences of Direct Care Staff
RM Fish
Journal of Intellectual Disabilities 4 (3), 193-207
Cutting Doesn't Make You Die'One Woman's Views on the Treatment of Her Self-Injurious Behaviour
W Harker-Longton, R Fish
Journal of Intellectual Disabilities 6 (2), 137-151
Hurting No‐One Else’s Body but Your Own: People with Intellectual Disability Who Self Injure in a Forensic Service
H Duperouzel, R Fish
Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities 23 (6), 606-615
‘Change can only be a good thing:’staff views on the introduction of a harm minimisation policy in a Forensic Learning Disability service
R Fish, S Woodward, H Duperouzel
British Journal of Learning Disabilities 40 (1), 37-45
‘Just another day dealing with wounds’: self-injury and staff-client relationships: When clients deliberately injure themselves their relationships with staff can be put under strain. Rebecca Fish and Helen Duperouzel describe research that involved gathering clients’ views of such relationships, and of attitudes and interventions perceived as helpful and unhelpful
R Fish, H Duperouzel
Learning Disability Practice 11 (4), 12-15
‘I can try and do my little bit’-training staff about self-injury
P Moores, R Fish, H Duperouzel
Journal of learning disabilities and offending behaviour 2 (1), 4-7
Evaluating a Forensic Service for People with Learning Disabilities Comparing Approaches
R Fish, J Lobley
Journal of Intellectual Disabilities 5 (2), 97-109
Mediating mental health: contexts, debates and analysis
R Fish
Disability & Society 29 (2), 332-334
Women who use secure services: applying the literature to women with learning disabilities
R Fish
Journal of Forensic Practice 15 (3), 192-205
(Re) thinking violence in health care settings: a critical approach
R Fish
Disability & Society 28 (4), 574-576
Minimising harm
H Duperouzel, R Fish
Jessica Kingsley
Working with self-harm: accounts of two staff groups
R Fish, H Reid
Journal of learning disabilities and offending behaviour 2 (4), 152-158
Cutting doesn't make you die: One woman's views on the treatment of her self-injurious behaviour'Journal of Learning Disabilities
R Fish
Journal of Learning Disabilities 6 (2), 137-151
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