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Fugitive salmon: assessing the risks of escaped fish from net-pen aquaculture
R Naylor, K Hindar, IA Fleming, R Goldburg, S Williams, J Volpe, ...
BioScience 55 (5), 427-437
Salmon aquaculture in the Pacific Northwest a global industry with local impacts
RL Naylor, J Eagle, WL Smith
Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development 45 (8), 18-39
Why farm salmon outcompete fishery salmon
J Eagle, R Naylor, W Smith
Marine Policy 28 (3), 259-270
Answering Lord Perry's question: dissecting regulatory overfishing
J Eagle, BH Thompson Jr
Ocean & coastal management 46 (6), 649-679
Taking Stock of the Regional Fishery Management Councils
J Eagle, S Newkirk, B Thompson
Island Press
Regional ocean governance: the perils of multiple-use management and the promise of agency diversity
J Eagle
Duke Envtl. L. & Pol'y F. 16, 143
Ocean zoning and spatial access privileges: rewriting the tragedy of the regulated ocean
J Eagle, JN Sanchirico, BH Thompson Jr
NYU Envtl. LJ 17, 646
Notional Generosity: Explaining Charitable Donors' High Willingness to Part with Conservation Easements
J Eagle
Harv. Envtl. L. Rev. 35, 47
Comprehensive planning, dominant-use zones, and user rights: a new era in ocean governance
JN Sanchirico, J Eagle, S Palumbi, BH Thompson
Bulletin of Marine Science 86 (2), 273-285
The endangered species act and economic values: a comparison of fines and contingent valuation studies
JG Eagle, DR Betters
Ecological Economics 26 (2), 165-171
Is a new mandate needed for marine ecosystem-based management?
H Leslie, AA Rosenberg, J Eagle
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 6 (1), 43-48
Ocean and coastal law and policy
DC Baur, T Eichenberg, GM Sutton
A window into the regulated commons: the Takings Clause, investment security, and sustainability
J Eagle
Ecology Law Quarterly, Forthcoming
The economic efficiency of a timeľarea closure to protect spawning bluefin tuna
PR Armsworth, BA Block, J Eagle, JE Roughgarden
Journal of Applied Ecology 47 (1), 36-46
Practical Effects of Delegation: Agencies and the Zoning of Public Lands and Seas, The
J Eagle
Pepp. L. Rev. 35, 835
Public fisheries
J Eagle, A Kuker
Ecology and Society 15 (1), 10
Issues and approaches in regulation of the horseshoe crab fishery
J Eagle
Limulus in the Limelight, 85-92
Coastal Law
J Eagle, MR Caldwell
Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
Response of Alaskan Fishermen to Aquaculture and the Salmon Crisis
R Naylor, J Eagle, W Smith
Globalization. Effects on Fisheries Resources, ed. W. Taylor, M. Schechter ...
Democracy in natural resources: British and American approaches to public participation in fishery management
J Eagle
The British Council
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