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Blushing during social interactions in people with a fear of blushing
PD Drummond, K Back, J Harrison, F Dogg Helgadottir, B Lange, C Lee, ...
Behaviour research and therapy 45 (7), 1601-1608
Online CBT I: Bridging the gap between Eliza and modern online CBT treatment packages
FD Helgadóttir, RG Menzies, M Onslow, A Packman, S O'Brian
Behaviour Change 26 (04), 245-253
Online CBT II: A Phase I trial of a standalone, online CBT treatment program for social anxiety in stuttering
FD Helgadóttir, RG Menzies, M Onslow, A Packman, S O'Brian
Behaviour Change 26 (04), 254-270
The treatment of magical ideation in two individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder
DA Einstein, RG Menzies, T St Clare, J Drobny, FD Helgadottir
The Cognitive Behaviour Therapist 4, 16-29
Magical thinking and obsessive compulsive disorder in Australia and Iceland: A cross-cultural comparison.
FD Helgadottir, R Menzies, D Einstein
Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders 1, 216-219
Safety behaviors in speech treatment for adults who stutter
FD Helgadottir, RG Menzies, M Onslow, A Packman, S O'Brian
Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research
A standalone Internet cognitive behavior therapy treatment for social anxiety in adults who stutter: CBTpsych
FD Helgadóttir, RG Menzies, M Onslow, A Packman, S O’Brian
Journal of Fluency Disorders
Web-centred Training in Psychological Treatments: A Study of Therapist Preferences
FD Helgadottir, CG Fairburn
Behaviour Research and Therapy 52, 61-63
Bridging the gap in internet treatments for mental health: A fully automated online cognitive behaviour therapy for social anxiety for those who stutter.
FD Helgadóttir
University of Sydney.
The Future of Computerized Therapy
F Helgadottir
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