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Self-guiding light in layered nonlinear media
L Bergé, VK Mezentsev, JJ Rasmussen, PL Christiansen, YB Gaididei
Optics letters 25 (14), 1037-1039
Variational approach to optical pulse propagation in dispersion compensated transmission systems
SK Turitsyn, I Gabitov, EW Laedke, VK Mezentsev, SL Musher, ...
Optics Communications 151 (1), 117-135
Bound dipole solitary solutions in anisotropic nonlocal self-focusing media
AV Mamaev, AA Zozulya, VK Mezentsev, DZ Anderson, M Saffman
Physical Review A 56 (2), R1110
Physics and mathematics of dispersion-managed optical solitons
SK Turitsyn, EG Shapiro, SB Medvedev, MP Fedoruk, VK Mezentsev
Comptes Rendus Physique 4 (1), 145-161
Self-focusing and solitonlike structures in materials with competing quadratic and cubic nonlinearities
L Bergé, O Bang, JJ Rasmussen, VK Mezentsev
Physical Review E 55 (3), 3555
Investigation of Ultrafast Laser--Photonic Material Interactions: Challenges for Directly Written Glass Photonics
M Ams, GD Marshall, P Dekker, M Dubov, VK Mezentsev, I Bennion, ...
Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of 14 (5), 1370-1381
Formation of stable solitons in quadratic nonlinear media
L Bergé, VK Mezentsev, JJ Rasmussen, J Wyller
Physical Review A 52 (1), R28
Path-averaged chirped optical soliton in dispersion-managed fiber communication lines
SK Turitsyn, T Schäfer, KH Spatschek, VK Mezentsev
Optics communications 163 (1), 122-158
Turbulent broadening of optical spectra in ultralong Raman fiber lasers
SA Babin, V Karalekas, EV Podivilov, VK Mezentsev, P Harper, ...
Physical Review A 77 (3), 033803
Sensitivity of LPGs in PCFs fabricated by an electric arc to temperature, strain, and external refractive index
JS Petrovic, H Dobb, VK Mezentsev, K Kalli, DJ Webb, I Bennion
Journal of lightwave technology 25 (5), 1306-1312
Dispersion-managed solitons and optimization of the dispersion management
SK Turitsyn, VK Mezentsev, EG Shapiro
Optical Fiber Technology 4 (4), 384-452
270-km ultralong Raman fiber laser
SK Turitsyn, JD Ania-Castańón, SA Babin, V Karalekas, P Harper, ...
Physical review letters 103 (13), 133901
Dynamics in discrete two-dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equations in the presence of point defects
PL Christiansen, YB Gaididei, KŘ Rasmussen, VK Mezentsev, ...
Physical Review B 54 (2), 900
Nonlinear solitary waves with Gaussian tails
M Kunze, T Küpper, VK Mezentsev, EG Shapiro, S Turitsyn
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 128 (2), 273-295
Dynamics of self-similar dispersion-managed soliton presented in the basis of chirped Gauss-Hermite functions
SK Turitsyn, VK Mezentsev
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics Letters 67 (9), 640-646
Self-similar core and oscillatory tails of a path-averaged chirped dispersion-managed optical pulse
SK Turitsyn, T Schäfer, VK Mezentsev
Optics letters 23 (17), 1351-1353
Analytic criterion for soliton instability in a nonlinear fiber array
EW Laedke, KH Spatschek, SK Turitsyn, VK Mezentsev
Physical Review E 52 (5), 5549
Low loss depressed cladding waveguide inscribed in YAG: Nd single crystal by femtosecond laser pulses
A Okhrimchuk, V Mezentsev, A Shestakov, I Bennion
Optics express 20 (4), 3832-3843
Pis’ ma Zh. Eksp. Teor. Fiz., 60: 815, 1994
VK Mezentsev, SL Musher, IV Ryzhenkova, SK Turitsyn
JETP Lett 60, 829
Optical turbulence and spectral condensate in long-fiber lasers
EG Turitsyna, G Falkovich, VK Mezentsev, SK Turitsyn
Physical Review A 80 (3), 031804
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