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Global trends in emerging infectious diseases
KE Jones, NG Patel, MA Levy, A Storeygard, D Balk, JL Gittleman, ...
Nature 451 (7181), 990-993
The delayed rise of present-day mammals
ORP Bininda-Emonds, M Cardillo, KE Jones, RDE MacPhee, RMD Beck, ...
Nature 446 (7135), 507-512
Multiple causes of high extinction risk in large mammal species
M Cardillo, GM Mace, KE Jones, J Bielby, ORP Bininda-Emonds, ...
Science 309 (5738), 1239-1241
Impacts of biodiversity on the emergence and transmission of infectious diseases
F Keesing, LK Belden, P Daszak, A Dobson, CD Harvell, RD Holt, ...
Nature 468 (7324), 647-652
Social organization and parasite risk in mammals: integrating theory and empirical studies
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Global distribution and conservation of rare and threatened vertebrates
R Grenyer, CDL Orme, SF Jackson, GH Thomas, RG Davies, TJ Davies, ...
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A phylogenetic supertree of the bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera)
KE Jones, A Purvis, ANN Maclarnon, ORP BININDA‐EMONDS, ...
Biological Reviews 77 (2), 223-259
PanTHERIA: a species-level database of life history, ecology, and geography of extant and recently extinct mammals: Ecological Archives E090-184
KE Jones, J Bielby, M Cardillo, SA Fritz, J O'Dell, CDL Orme, K Safi, ...
Ecology 90 (9), 2648-2648
Body Mass of Late Quaternary Mammals: Ecological Archives E084-094
FA Smith, SK Lyons, SKM Ernest, KE Jones, DM Kaufman, T Dayan, ...
Ecology 84 (12), 3403-3403
Biological correlates of extinction risk in bats
KE Jones, A Purvis, JL Gittleman
The American Naturalist 161 (4), 601-614
Comparative tests of parasite species richness in primates
CL Nunn, S Altizer, KE Jones, W Sechrest
The American Naturalist 162 (5), 597-614
A Purvis, KE Jones, GM Mace
BioEssays 22 (12), 1123-1133
Biodiversity conservation and the millennium development goals
JD Sachs, JEM Baillie, WJ Sutherland, PR Armsworth, N Ash, ...
Science 325 (5947), 1502-1503
The predictability of extinction: biological and external correlates of decline in mammals
M Cardillo, GM Mace, JL Gittleman, KE Jones, J Bielby, A Purvis
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 275 (1641), 1441-1448
Infectious diseases and extinction risk in wild mammals
AB Pedersen, KE Jones, CL Nunn, S Altizer
Conservation Biology 21 (5), 1269-1279
The fast‐slow continuum in mammalian life history: an empirical reevaluation
J Bielby, GM Mace, ORP Bininda‐Emonds, M Cardillo, JL Gittleman, ...
The American Naturalist 169 (6), 748-757
Similarity of mammalian body size across the taxonomic hierarchy and across space and time
FA Smith, JH Brown, JP Haskell, SK Lyons, J Alroy, EL Charnov, T Dayan, ...
The American Naturalist 163 (5), 672-691
An optimum body size for mammals? Comparative evidence from bats
KE Jones, A Purvis
Functional Ecology 11 (6), 751-756
Socioecology and the evolution of primate reproductive rates
C Ross, KE Jones
Comparative primate socioecology, 73-110
Bats, clocks, and rocks: diversification patterns in Chiroptera
KE Jones, ORP Bininda‐Emonds, JL Gittleman
Evolution 59 (10), 2243-2255
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