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Systematic identification of genomic markers of drug sensitivity in cancer cells
MJ Garnett, EJ Edelman, SJ Heidorn, CD Greenman, A Dastur, KW Lau, ...
Nature 483 (7391), 570-575
Structural and functional analysis of cellular networks with CellNetAnalyzer
S Klamt, J Saez-Rodriguez, ED Gilles
BMC systems biology 1 (1), 2
A methodology for the structural and functional analysis of signaling and regulatory networks
S Klamt, J Saez-Rodriguez, JA Lindquist, L Simeoni, ED Gilles
BMC bioinformatics 7 (1), 56
A logical model provides insights into T cell receptor signaling
J Saez-Rodriguez, L Simeoni, JA Lindquist, R Hemenway, U Bommhardt, ...
PLoS computational biology 3 (8), e163
Towards a rigorous assessment of systems biology models: the DREAM3 challenges
RJ Prill, D Marbach, J Saez-Rodriguez, PK Sorger, LG Alexopoulos, ...
PloS one 5 (2), e9202
Discrete logic modelling as a means to link protein signalling networks with functional analysis of mammalian signal transduction
J Saez‐Rodriguez, LG Alexopoulos, J Epperlein, R Samaga, ...
Molecular systems biology 5 (1)
Logic-based models for the analysis of cell signaling networks
MK Morris, J Saez-Rodriguez, PK Sorger, DA Lauffenburger
Biochemistry 49 (15), 3216-3224
The logic of EGFR/ErbB signaling: theoretical properties and analysis of high-throughput data
R Samaga, J Saez-Rodriguez, LG Alexopoulos, PK Sorger, S Klamt
PLoS computational biology 5 (8), e1000438
Transforming Boolean models to continuous models: methodology and application to T-cell receptor signaling
DM Wittmann, J Krumsiek, J Saez-Rodriguez, DA Lauffenburger, S Klamt, ...
BMC systems biology 3 (1), 98
Dissecting the puzzle of life: modularization of signal transduction networks
J Saez-Rodriguez, A Kremling, ED Gilles
Computers & chemical engineering 29 (3), 619-629
A domain-oriented approach to the reduction of combinatorial complexity in signal transduction networks
H Conzelmann, J Saez-Rodriguez, T Sauter, BN Kholodenko, ED Gilles
BMC bioinformatics 7 (1), 34
Modular analysis of signal transduction networks
J Saez-Rodriguez, A Kremling, H Conzelmann, K Bettenbrock, ED Gilles
Control Systems, IEEE 24 (4), 35-52
Fuzzy logic analysis of kinase pathway crosstalk in TNF/EGF/insulin-induced signaling
BB Aldridge, J Saez-Rodriguez, JL Muhlich, PK Sorger, DA Lauffenburger
PLoS computational biology 5 (4), e1000340
Reduction of mathematical models of signal transduction networks: simulation-based approach applied to EGF receptor signalling
H Conzelmann, J Saez-Rodriguez, T Sauter, E Bullinger, F Allgöwer, ...
Systems biology 1 (1), 159-169
Networks inferred from biochemical data reveal profound differences in toll-like receptor and inflammatory signaling between normal and transformed hepatocytes
LG Alexopoulos, J Saez-Rodriguez, BD Cosgrove, DA Lauffenburger, ...
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 9 (9), 1849-1865
Systems biology—an engineering perspective
A Kremling, J Saez-Rodriguez
Journal of biotechnology 129 (2), 329-351
Training signaling pathway maps to biochemical data with constrained fuzzy logic: quantitative analysis of liver cell responses to inflammatory stimuli
MK Morris, J Saez-Rodriguez, DC Clarke, PK Sorger, DA Lauffenburger
PLoS computational biology 7 (3), e1001099
Using chemical reaction network theory to discard a kinetic mechanism hypothesis
C Conradi, J Saez-Rodriguez, ED Gilles, J Raisch
IEE Proceedings-Systems Biology 152 (4), 243-248
Identifying drug effects via pathway alterations using an integer linear programming optimization formulation on phosphoproteomic data
A Mitsos, IN Melas, P Siminelakis, AD Chairakaki, J Saez-Rodriguez, ...
PLoS computational biology 5 (12), e1000591
Flexible informatics for linking experimental data to mathematical models via DataRail
J Saez-Rodriguez, A Goldsipe, J Muhlich, LG Alexopoulos, B Millard, ...
Bioinformatics 24 (6), 840-847
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