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Coronary magnetic resonance angiography for the detection of coronary stenoses
WY Kim, PG Danias, M Stuber, SD Flamm, S Plein, E Nagel, SE Langerak, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 345 (26), 1863-1869
Improved coronary artery definition with T2-weighted, free-breathing, three-dimensional coronary MRA
RM Botnar, M Stuber, PG Danias, KV Kissinger, WJ Manning
Circulation 99 (24), 3139-3148
Double-oblique free-breathing high resolution three-dimensional coronary magnetic resonance angiography
M Stuber, RM Botnar, PG Danias, DK Sodickson, KV Kissinger, ...
Journal of the American College of Cardiology 34 (2), 524-531
Noninvasive coronary vessel wall and plaque imaging with magnetic resonance imaging
RM Botnar, M Stuber, KV Kissinger, WY Kim, E Spuentrup, WJ Manning
Circulation 102 (21), 2582-2587
Three-dimensional black-blood cardiac magnetic resonance coronary vessel wall imaging detects positive arterial remodeling in patients with nonsignificant coronary artery disease
WY Kim, M Stuber, P Börnert, KV Kissinger, WJ Manning, RM Botnar
Circulation 106 (3), 296-299
In vivo molecular imaging of acute and subacute thrombosis using a fibrin-binding magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent
RM Botnar, AS Perez, S Witte, AJ Wiethoff, J Laredo, J Hamilton, W Quist, ...
Circulation 109 (16), 2023-2029
Submillimeter Three-dimensional Coronary MR Angiography with Real-time Navigator Correction: Comparison of Navigator Locations 1
M Stuber, RM Botnar, PG Danias, KV Kissinger, WJ Manning
Radiology 212 (2), 579-587
Preliminary report on in vivo coronary MRA at 3 Tesla in humans
M Stuber, RM Botnar, SE Fischer, R Lamerichs, J Smink, P Harvey, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 48 (3), 425-429
“Soap‐Bubble” visualization and quantitative analysis of 3D coronary magnetic resonance angiograms
A Etienne, RM Botnar, A van Muiswinkel, P Boesiger, WJ Manning, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 48 (4), 658-666
Coronary magnetic resonance angiography in adolescents and young adults with Kawasaki disease
GF Greil, M Stuber, RM Botnar, KV Kissinger, T Geva, JW Newburger, ...
Circulation 105 (8), 908-911
Hemodynamics in the carotid artery bifurcation:: a comparison between numerical simulations and in vitro MRI measurements
R Botnar, G Rappitsch, M Beat Scheidegger, D Liepsch, K Perktold, ...
Journal of biomechanics 33 (2), 137-144
Age and sex distribution of subclinical aortic atherosclerosis a magnetic resonance imaging examination of the Framingham Heart Study
FA Jaffer, CJ O’Donnell, MG Larson, SK Chan, KV Kissinger, MJ Kupka, ...
Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology 22 (5), 849-854
Detection of pulmonary vein and left atrial scar after catheter ablation with three-dimensional navigator-gated delayed enhancement mr imaging: initial experience 1
DC Peters, JV Wylie, TH Hauser, KV Kissinger, RM Botnar, V Essebag, ...
Radiology 243 (3), 690-695
In vivo magnetic resonance imaging of coronary thrombosis using a fibrin-binding molecular magnetic resonance contrast agent
RM Botnar, A Buecker, AJ Wiethoff, EC Parsons, M Katoh, G Katsimaglis, ...
Circulation 110 (11), 1463-1466
Contrast agent‐enhanced, free‐breathing, three‐dimensional coronary magnetic resonance angiography
M Stuber, RM Botnar, PG Danias, MV McConnell, KV Kissinger, EK Yucel, ...
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 10 (5), 790-799
3D coronary vessel wall imaging utilizing a local inversion technique with spiral image acquisition
RM Botnar, WY Kim, P Börnert, M Stuber, E Spuentrup, WJ Manning
Magnetic resonance in medicine 46 (5), 848-854
Molecular magnetic resonance imaging of coronary thrombosis and pulmonary emboli with a novel fibrin-targeted contrast agent
E Spuentrup, A Buecker, M Katoh, AJ Wiethoff, EC Parsons, RM Botnar, ...
Circulation 111 (11), 1377-1382
Impact of bulk cardiac motion on right coronary MR angiography and vessel wall imaging
WY Kim, M Stuber, KV Kissinger, NT Andersen, WJ Manning, RM Botnar
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 14 (4), 383-390
MR imaging of thrombi using EP-2104R, a fibrin-specific contrast agent: initial results in patients
E Spuentrup, RM Botnar, AJ Wiethoff, T Ibrahim, S Kelle, M Katoh, ...
European radiology 18 (9), 1995-2005
Navigator-gated free-breathing three-dimensional balanced fast field echo (TrueFISP) coronary magnetic resonance angiography
E Spuentrup, P BÖRNERT, RM Botnar, JP Groen, WJ Manning, M Stuber
Investigative radiology 37 (11), 637-642
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