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The trajectories of European cities, 1960–2005
I Turok, V Mykhnenko
Cities 24 (3), 165-182
Strengths and weaknesses of 'weak' co-ordination: economic institutions, revealed comparative advantages, and socio-economic performance of mixed market economies in Poland and Ukraine
V Mykhnenko
Beyond Varieties of Capitalism: Conflict, Contradictions, and ...
East European cities - patterns of growth and decline, 1960–2005
V Mykhnenko, I Turok
International Planning Studies 13 (4), 311-342
Resurgent European cities?
I Turok, V Mykhnenko
Urban Research & Practice 1 (1), 54-77
Introduction: a world turned right-way up
K Birch, V Mykhnenko
The Rise and Fall of Neoliberalism: The Collapse of an Economic Order?, 1-20
The Rise and Fall of Neoliberalism: The Collapse of an Economic Order?
K Birch, V Mykhnenko
Zed Books
Varieties of neoliberalism? Restructuring in large industrially dependent regions across Western and Eastern Europe
K Birch, V Mykhnenko
Journal of Economic Geography 9 (3), 355-380
Poland and Ukraine: institutional structures and economic performance
V Mykhnenko
Varieties of Capitalism in Post-Communist Countries, 124-145
What Type of Capitalism in Post-Communist Europe? Poland and Ukraine Compared
V Mykhnenko
Actes du GERPISA, 83-112
The specification of the working model
D Rink, A Haase, M Bernt, R Krzysztofik, J Runge, V Mykhnenko, PC Bini, ...
Work package 1
State, society and protest under post-communism: Ukrainian miners and their defeat
V Mykhnenko
Uncivil society? Contentious politics in Eastern Europe, 93-113
Ukraine’s diverging space-economy: The Orange revolution, post-soviet development models and regional trajectories
V Mykhnenko, A Swain
European Urban and Regional Studies 17 (2), 141-165
The Ukrainian Donbas in ‘transition’
A Swain, V Mykhnenko
Re-Constructing the Post-Soviet Industrial Region: The Donbas in Transition ...
Conclusion: the end of an economic order?
V Mykhnenko, K Birch
The Rise and Fall of Neoliberalism: The Collapse of an Economic Order?, 255-268
The corruption industry and transition: Neoliberalising post-soviet space?
A Swain, V Mykhnenko, S French
The Rise and Fall of Neoliberalism: The Collapse of an Economic Order?, 112-132
Class voting and the Orange revolution: a cultural political economy perspective on Ukraine's electoral geography
V Mykhnenko
Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics 25 (2-3), 278-296
Varieties of shrinkage in European cities
A Haase, M Bernt, K Großmann, V Mykhnenko, D Rink
European Urban and Regional Studies, 0969776413481985
Rusting away? The Ukrainian iron and steel industry in transition
V Mykhnenko
Budapest: Open Society Institute
Urban Shrinkage in Donetsk and Makiïvka, the Donetsk Conurbation
V Mykhnenko, D Myedvyedyev, L Kuzmenko
Shrink Smart: The Governance of Shrinkage within a European Context
Governance of shrinkage: lessons learnt from analysis for urban planning and policy
D Rink, P Rumpel, O Slach, C Cortese, A Violante, PC Bini, A Haase, ...
UFZ - Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research
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