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Paradox lost? Exploring the role of alpha oscillations during externally vs. internally directed attention and the implications for idling and inhibition hypotheses
NR Cooper, RJ Croft, SJJ Dominey, AP Burgess, JH Gruzelier
International Journal of Psychophysiology 47 (1), 65-74
Acute mobile phone operation affects neural function in humans
RJ Croft, JS Chandler, AP Burgess, RJ Barry, JD Williams, AR Clarke
Clinical Neurophysiology 113 (10), 1623-1632
Short duration synchronization of human theta rhythm during recognition memory
AP Burgess, JH Gruzelier
Neuroreport 8 (4), 1039-1042
The role of anxiety and depression in quality of life and symptom reporting in people with diabetes mellitus
D Kohen, AP Burgess, J Catalan, A Lant
Quality of Life Research 7 (3), 197-204
The psychological impact on staff of caring for people with serious diseases: the case of HIV infection and oncology
J Catalan, A Burgess, A Pergami, N Hulme, B Gazzard, R Phillips
Journal of Psychosomatic Research 40 (4), 425-435
The reliability and validity of two HIV-specific health-related Quality-of-Life measures a preliminary analysis
A Burgess, M Dayer, J Catalan, D Hawkins, B Gazzard
Aids 7 (7), 1001-1008
Chlorpromazine equivalents: a consensus of opinion for both clinical and research applications
M Atkins, A Burgess, C Bottomley, M Riccio
Psychiatric Bulletin 21 (4), 224-226
Functional connectivity of gamma EEG activity is modulated at low frequency during conscious recollection
AP Burgess, L Ali
International Journal of Psychophysiology 46 (2), 91-100
Short duration power changes in the EEG during recognition memory for words and faces
AP Burgess, JH Gruzelier
Psychophysiology 37 (5), 596-606
Reasons for non-adherence to antiretroviral therapy: patients' perspectives provide evidence of multiple causes
JC Walsh, R Horne, M Dalton, AP Burgess, BG Gazzard
AIDS care 13 (6), 709-720
Reliability and validity of an HIV-specific health-related quality-of-life measure for use with injecting drug users
MD Carretero, AP Burgess, P Soler, M Soler, J Catalán
Aids 10 (14), 1699-1705
Patterns of cognitive asymmetry and syndromes of schizotypal personality
J Gruzelier, A Burgess, J Stygall, G Irving, A Raine
Psychiatry Research 56 (1), 71-79
The psychosocial impact of HIV infection in women
A Pergami, C Gala, A Burgess, F Durbano, D Zanello, M Riccio, ...
Journal of psychosomatic research 37 (7), 687-696
Investigating evoked and induced electroencephalogram activity in task-related alpha power increases during an internally directed attention task
NR Cooper, AP Burgess, RJ Croft, JH Gruzelier
Neuroreport 17 (2), 205-208
The role of personality, coping style and social support in health-related quality of life in HIV infection
AP Burgess, M Carretero, A Elkington, E Pasqual-Marsettin, C Lobaccaro, ...
Quality of life Research 9 (4), 423-437
Psychological medicine of HIV infection
J Catalán, A Burgess, I Klimes, B Gazzard
Oxford University Press
Individual reliability of amplitude distribution in topographical mapping of EEG
A Burgess, J Gruzelier
Electroencephalography and clinical neurophysiology 86 (4), 219-223
Psychological distress and burnout among buddies: demographic, situational and motivational factors
RPR Claxton, J Catalan, AP Burgess
Aids care 10 (2), 175-190
Induced gamma activity is associated with conscious awareness of pattern masked nouns
C Summerfield, AI Jack, AP Burgess
International Journal of Psychophysiology 44 (2), 93-100
Localization of word and face recognition memory using topographical EEG
AP Burgess, JH Gruzelier
Psychophysiology 34 (1), 7-16
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