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Evaluation of secondary structure of proteins from UV circular dichroism spectra using an unsupervised learning neural network
MA Andrade, P Chacon, JJ Merelo, F Moran
Protein Engineering 6 (4), 383
A mitochondria-K+ channel axis is suppressed in cancer and its normalization promotes apoptosis and inhibits cancer growth
S Bonnet, SL Archer, J Allalunis-Turner, A Haromy, C Beaulieu, ...
Cancer cell 11 (1), 37-51
Automatic extraction of biological information from scientific text: protein-protein interactions
C Blaschke, MA Andrade, C Ouzounis, A Valencia
Proc Int Conf Intell Syst Mol Biol 1999, 60-67
HEAT repeats in the Huntington's disease protein.
MA Andrade, P Bork
Nature genetics 11 (2), 115
Protein repeats: structures, functions, and evolution
MA Andrade, C Perez-Iratxeta, CP Ponting
Journal of structural biology 134 (2-3), 117-131
Comparison of ARM and HEAT protein repeats
MA Andrade, C Petosa, SI O'Donoghue, CW Müller, P Bork
Journal of molecular biology 309 (1), 1-18
Association of genes to genetically inherited diseases using data mining
C Perez-Iratxeta, P Bork, MA Andrade
Nature genetics 31 (3), 316-319
An abnormal mitochondrial-HIF-1-Kv channel pathway disrupts oxygen-sensing and triggers pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in fawn-hooded rats: similarities to human PAH
S Bonnet, ED Michelakis, CJ Porter, MA Andrade-Navarro, B Thébaud, ...
Circulation 113, 2630-2641
Automated genome sequence analysis and annotation.
MA Andrade, NP Brown, C Leroy, S Hoersch, A de Daruvar, C Reich, ...
Bioinformatics 15 (5), 391
An Abnormal Mitochondrial–Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1α–Kv Channel Pathway Disrupts Oxygen Sensing and Triggers Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in Fawn Hooded Rats Similarities to Human Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
S Bonnet, ED Michelakis, CJ Porter, MA Andrade-Navarro, B Thébaud, ...
Circulation 113 (22), 2630-2641
 236 2006
Automatic extraction of keywords from scientific text: application to the knowledge domain of protein families.
MA Andrade, A Valencia
Bioinformatics 14 (7), 600
Re-annotating the Mycoplasma pneumoniae genome sequence: adding value, function and reading frames
T Dandekar, M Huynen, JT Regula, B Ueberle, CU Zimmermann, ...
Nucleic acids research 28 (17), 3278-3288
K2D2: estimation of protein secondary structure from circular dichroism spectra
C Perez-Iratxeta, M Andrade-Navarro
BMC structural biology 8 (1), 25
DNA methylation protects hematopoietic stem cell multipotency from myeloerythroid restriction
AM Bröske, L Vockentanz, S Kharazi, MR Huska, E Mancini, M Scheller, ...
Nature genetics 41 (11), 1207-1215
Homology-based method for identification of protein repeats using statistical significance estimates
MA Andrade, CP Ponting, TJ Gibson, P Bork
Journal of Molecular Biology 298 (3), 521-537
Cargo-selected transport from the mitochondria to peroxisomes is mediated by vesicular carriers
M Neuspiel, AC Schauss, E Braschi, R Zunino, P Rippstein, ...
Current Biology 18 (2), 102-108
The SUMO protease SENP5 is required to maintain mitochondrial morphology and function
R Zunino, A Schauss, P Rippstein, M Andrade-Navarro, HM McBride
Journal of cell science 120 (7), 1178-1188
G2D: a tool for mining genes associated with disease
C Perez-Iratxeta, M Wjst, P Bork, M Andrade
BMC genetics 6 (1), 45
Adaptation of protein surfaces to subcellular location
MA Andrade, SI O'Donoghue, B Rost
Journal of molecular biology 276 (2), 517-525
Proteinotopic feature maps
JJ Merelo, MA Andrade, A Prieto, F Moran
Neurocomputing 6 (4), 443-454
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