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Forcing standardization or accommodating diversity?: a framework for applying the WCAG in the real world
B Kelly, D Sloan, L Phipps, H Petrie, F Hamilton
Proceedings of the 2005 International Cross-Disciplinary Workshop on Web ...
Forcing Standardization or Accommodating Diversity? A Framework for Applying the WCAG in the Real World
B Kelly
Accessibility 2.0: people, policies and processes
B Kelly, D Sloan, S Brown, J Seale, H Petrie, P Lauke, S Ball
Proceedings of the 2007 international cross-disciplinary conference on Web ...
Contextual web accessibility-maximizing the benefit of accessibility guidelines
D Sloan, A Heath, F Hamilton, B Kelly, H Petrie, L Phipps
Proceedings of the 2006 international cross-disciplinary workshop on Web ...
Developing a holistic approach for e-learning accessibility
B Kelly, L Phipps, E Swift
Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology/La revue canadienne de l ...
Developing A Holistic Approach For E-Learning Accessibility
B Kelly
A review of current and developing international practice in the use of social networking (Web 2.0) in higher education
B Kelly
Franklin Consulting
An accessibility analysis of UK university entry points
B Kelly
Ariadne 33
One world, one web... but great diversity
B Kelly, L Nevile, EA Draffan, S Fanou
Proceedings of the 2008 international cross-disciplinary conference on Web ...
Implementing a holistic approach to e-learning accessibility
B Kelly, L Phipps, C Howell
ALT-C 2005
Implementing A Holistic Approach To E-Learning Accessibility
B Kelly
Library 2.0: balancing the risks and benefits to maximise the dividends
B Kelly, P Bevan, R Akerman, J Alcock, J Fraser
Program: electronic library and information systems 43 (3), 311-327
Holistic approaches to e-learning accessibility
L Phipps, B Kelly
ALT-J: Research In Learning Technology 14 (1), 69-78
A Quality Framework For Web Site Quality: User Satisfaction And Quality Assurance
B Kelly
From web accessibility to web adaptability
B Kelly, L Nevile, D Sloan, S Fanou, R Ellison, L Herrod
Disability & Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology 4 (4), 212-226
Web 2.0: How to Stop Thinking and Start Doing: Addressing Organisational Barriers
B Kelly, M Ellis
Museums and the Web 2007: Proceedings
Developing a quality culture for digital library programmes
B Kelly, M Guy, H James
Informatica 27 (3), 335-344
Developing A Quality Culture For Digital Library Programmes
B Kelly
A challenge to web accessibility metrics and guidelines: putting people and processes first
M Cooper, D Sloan, B Kelly, S Lewthwaite
Proceedings of the International Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Web ...
Accessibility 2.0: Next steps for web accessibility
B Kelly, D Sloan, S Brown, J Seale, P Lauke, S Ball, S Smith
Journal of access services 6 (1-2), 265-294
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