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A better x86 memory model: x86-TSO
S Owens, S Sarkar, P Sewell
Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics, 391-407
x86-TSO: a rigorous and usable programmer's model for x86 multiprocessors
P Sewell, S Sarkar, S Owens, F Zappa Nardelli, MO Myreen
Communications of the ACM 53 (7), 89-97
The semantics of x86-CC multiprocessor machine code
S Sarkar, P Sewell, F Zappa Nardelli, S Owens, T Ridge, T Braibant, ...
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 44 (1), 379-391
Ott: effective tool support for the working semanticist
P Sewell, F Zappa Nardelli, S Owens, G Peskine, T Ridge, S Sarkar, ...
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 42 (9), 1-12
Mathematizing C++ concurrency
M Batty, S Owens, S Sarkar, P Sewell, T Weber
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 46 (1), 55-66
Deformable volumes in path planning applications
E Anshelevich, S Owens, F Lamiraux, EE Kavraki
Robotics and Automation, 2000. Proceedings. ICRA'00. IEEE International ...
Regular-expression derivatives re-examined.
S Owens, JH Reppy, A Turon
J. Funct. Program. 19 (2), 173-190
Ott: Effective tool support for the working semanticist
P Sewell, F Zappa Nardelli, S Owens, G Peskine, T Ridge, S Sarkar, ...
Journal of Functional Programming 20 (01), 71-122
Reasoning about the implementation of concurrency abstractions on x86-TSO
S Owens
ECOOP 2010–Object-Oriented Programming, 478-503
Clarifying and compiling C/C++ concurrency: from C++ 11 to POWER
M Batty, K Memarian, S Owens, S Sarkar, P Sewell
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 47 (1), 509-520
Structure of a proof-producing compiler for a subset of higher order logic
G Li, S Owens, K Slind
Programming Languages and Systems, 205-219
From structures and functors to modules and units
S Owens, M Flatt
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 41 (9), 87-98
A sound semantics for OCaml light
S Owens
Programming Languages and Systems, 1-15
Automatic formal synthesis of hardware from higher order logic
M Gordon, J Iyoda, S Owens, K Slind
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 145, 27-43
Functional correctness proofs of encryption algorithms
J Duan, J Hurd, G Li, S Owens, K Slind, J Zhang
LPAR 3835, 519-533
Synchronising C/C++ and POWER
S Sarkar, K Memarian, S Owens, M Batty, P Sewell, L Maranget, J Alglave, ...
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 47 (6), 311-322
Proof producing synthesis of arithmetic and cryptographic hardware
K Slind, S Owens, J Iyoda, M Gordon
Formal Aspects of Computing 19 (3), 343-362
Lexer and parser generators in Scheme
S Owens, M Flatt, O Shivers, B McMullan
Indiana University Department of Computer Science 600, 41-52
An axiomatic memory model for POWER multiprocessors
S Mador-Haim, L Maranget, S Sarkar, K Memarian, J Alglave, S Owens, ...
Computer Aided Verification, 495-512
Adapting functional programs to higher order logic
S Owens, K Slind
Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation 21 (4), 377-409
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