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Interpretation of wavelet analysis and its application in partial discharge detection
X Ma, C Zhou, IJ Kemp
Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, IEEE Transactions on 9 (3), 446-457
Automated wavelet selection and thresholding for PD detection
X Ma, C Zhou, IJ Kemp
Electrical Insulation Magazine, IEEE 18 (2), 37-45
Hardware and software design for an electromagnetic induction tomography (EMT) system for high contrast metal process applications
X Ma, AJ Peyton, SR Higson, A Lyons, SJ Dickinson
Measurement Science and Technology 17 (1), 111
A three-dimensional inverse finite-element method applied to experimental eddy-current imaging data
M Soleimani, WRB Lionheart, AJ Peyton, X Ma, SR Higson
Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on 42 (5), 1560-1567
实时数字仿真器 RTDS 及其应用
电力系统自动化 21 (10), 61-64
Dynamic imaging in electrical capacitance tomography and electromagnetic induction tomography using a Kalman filter
M Soleimani, M Vauhkonen, W Yang, A Peyton, BS Kim, X Ma
Measurement Science and Technology 18 (11), 3287
An investigation of the digital discrimination of neutrons and γ rays with organic scintillation detectors using an artificial neural network
G Liu, MD Aspinall, X Ma, MJ Joyce
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators ...
Electromagnetic techniques for imaging the cross-section distribution of molten steel flow in the continuous casting nozzle
X Ma, AJ Peyton, R Binns, SR Higson
Sensors Journal, IEEE 5 (2), 224-232
Measurement of the electrical conductivity of open-celled aluminium foam using non-contact eddy current techniques
X Ma, AJ Peyton, YY Zhao
NDT & E International 38 (5), 359-367
Eddy current measurements of electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability of porous metals
X Ma, AJ Peyton, YY Zhao
NDT & E International 39 (7), 562-568
DSP based partial discharge characterisation by wavelet analysis.
X Ma, C Zhou, IJ Kemp
IEEE 2, 780-783
Development of multiple frequency electromagnetic induction systems for steel flow visualization
X Ma, AJ Peyton, SR Higson, P Drake
Measurement Science and Technology 19 (9), 094008
A Digital Method for the Discrimination of Neutrons and Rays With Organic Scintillation Detectors Using Frequency Gradient Analysis
G Liu, MJ Joyce, X Ma, MD Aspinall
Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on 57 (3), 1682-1691
Investigation into the use of wavelet theory for partial discharge pulse extraction in electrically noisy environments
X Ma, C Zhou, IJ Kemp
IET Digital Library
Development of a fast electromagnetic induction tomography system for metal process applications.
X Ma, SR Higson, A Lyons, AJ Peyton
4th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography
Eddy current measurement of the electrical conductivity and porosity of metal foams
X Ma, AJ Peyton
Instrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on 55 (2), 570-576
Real-time digital simulator (RTDS) and it applications
Z Liang, X Ma, L Wang, R Kuffel, X Jiang
Dianli Xitong Zidonghue/Automation of Electric Power Systems 21 (10), 61-64
Feature detection and monitoring of eddy current imaging data by means of wavelet based singularity analysis
X Ma, AJ Peyton
NDT & E International 43 (8), 687-694
Imaging the flow profile of molten steel through a submerged pouring nozzle.
X Ma, AJ Peyton, R Binns, SR Higson
3rd World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography
Optimal algorithms for wavelet-based denoising in PD measurement.
C Zhou, X Ma, IJ Kemp
IEEE International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering
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