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The career decisions of young men
MP Keane, KI Wolpin
Journal of political Economy 105 (3), 473-522
Decision-making under uncertainty: Capturing dynamic brand choice processes in turbulent consumer goods markets
T Erdem, MP Keane
Marketing science 15 (1), 1-20
A computationally practical simulation estimator for panel data
MP Keane
Econometrica: Journal of the Econometric Society, 95-116
A structural model of multiple welfare program participation and labor supply
M Keane, R Moffitt
International economic review, 553-589
The effect of parental transfers and borrowing constraints on educational attainment
MP Keane, KI Wolpin
International Economic Review, 1051-1103
The solution and estimation of discrete choice dynamic programming models by simulation and interpolation: Monte Carlo evidence
MP Keane, KI Wolpin
The Review of Economics and Statistics, 648-672
Testing the rationality of price forecasts: New evidence from panel data
MP Keane, DE Runkle
The American Economic Review, 714-735
Alternative computational approaches to inference in the multinomial probit model
J Geweke, M Keane, D Runkle
The review of economics and statistics, 609-632
On the estimation of panel-data models with serial correlation when instruments are not strictly exogenous
MP Keane, DE Runkle
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics 10 (1), 1-9
Modeling heterogeneity and state dependence in consumer choice behavior
MP Keane
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics 15 (3), 310-327
A note on identification in the multinomial probit model
MP Keane
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics 10 (2), 193-200
Brand and quantity choice dynamics under price uncertainty
T Erdem, S Imai, MP Keane
Quantitative Marketing and Economics 1 (1), 5-64
Intertemporal labor supply and human capital accumulation*
S Imai, MP Keane
International Economic Review 45 (2), 601-641
Sources of advantageous selection: Evidence from the Medigap insurance market
H Fang, MP Keane, D Silverman
National Bureau of Economic Research
A political economy model of congressional careers
D Diermeier, M Keane, A Merlo
American Economic Review, 347-373
Does foreign direct investment promote development?
Peterson Institute
A factor-analytic probit model for representing the market structure in panel data
T Elrod, MP Keane
Journal of Marketing Research, 1-16
Are financial analysts' forecasts of corporate profits rational?
MP Keane, DE Runkle
Journal of Political Economy 106 (4), 768-805
The generalized multinomial logit model: accounting for scale and coefficient heterogeneity
DG Fiebig, MP Keane, J Louviere, N Wasi
Marketing Science 29 (3), 393-421
Real wages over the business cycle: Estimating the impact of heterogeneity with micro data
M Keane, R Moffitt, D Runkle
The Journal of Political Economy, 1232-1266
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