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Partially molten middle crust beneath southern Tibet: synthesis of project INDEPTH results
KD Nelson, W Zhao, LD Brown, J Kuo, J Che, X Liu, SL Klemperer, ...
Science 274 (5293), 1684-1688
Deep seismic reflection evidence for continental underthrusting beneath southern Tibet
W Zhao, KD Nelson, J Che, J Quo, D Lu, C Wu, X Liu
Nature 366 (6455), 557-559
The Moho in the northern Basin and Range province, Nevada, along the COCORP 40 N seismic-reflection transect
SL Klemperer, TA Hauge, EC Hauser, JE Oliver, CJ Potter
Geological Society of America Bulletin 97 (5), 603-618
The onset of India–Asia continental collision: early, steep subduction required by the timing of UHP metamorphism in the western Himalaya
ML Leech, S Singh, AK Jain, SL Klemperer, RM Manickavasagam
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 234 (1), 83-97
Evidence for early Proterozoic plate tectonics from seismic reflection profiles in the Baltic shield
BW Group
Nature 348, 34-38
Seismic imaging of the downwelling Indian lithosphere beneath central Tibet
F Tilmann, J Ni, and the INDEPTH III Seismic Team
Science 300 (5624), 1424-1427
Overview of the COCORP 40 N transect, western United States: The fabric of an orogenic belt
RW Allmendinger, TA Hauge, EC Hauser, CJ Potter, SL Klemperer, ...
Geological Society of America Bulletin 98 (3), 308-319
Origin of high mountains in the continents: The southern Sierra Nevada
S Park, S Ruppert, J Saleeby, JK Snow, L Squires, M Fliedner, G Jiracek, ...
Science 271, 190
An overview of the Izu‐Bonin‐Mariana subduction factory
RJ Stern, MJ Fouch, SL Klemperer
Inside the subduction factory, 175-222
Deep seismic reflection/refraction interpretation of crustal structure along BABEL profiles A and B in the southern Baltic Sea
BABEL Working Group
Geophysical Journal International 112 (3), 325-343
Crustal structure of central Tibet as derived from project INDEPTH wide-angle seismic data
W Zhao, J Mechie, LD Brown, J Guo, S Haines, T Hearn, SL Klemperer, ...
Geophysical Journal International 145 (2), 486-498
Crustal flow in Tibet: geophysical evidence for the physical state of Tibetan lithosphere, and inferred patterns of active flow
SL Klemperer
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 268 (1), 39-70
Integrated seismic studies of the Baltic Shield using data in the Gulf of Bothnia region
no-firstname BABEL Working Group, H Thybo, A Berthelsen
Geophysical Journal International, 305-324
Measuring the seismic properties of Tibetan bright spots: Evidence for free aqueous fluids in the Tibetan middle crust
Y Makovsky, SL Klemperer
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth (1978–2012) 104 (B5), 10795-10825
Characteristics of volcanic rifted margins
MA Menzies, SL Klemperer, CJ Ebinger, J Baker
The deep structure of northern England and the Iapetus Suture zone from BIRPS deep seismic reflection profiles
B Freeman, SL Klemperer, RW Hobbs
Journal of the Geological Society 145 (5), 727-740
INDEPTH III seismic data: From surface observations to deep crustal processes in Tibet
SS Haines, SL Klemperer, L Brown, G Jingru, J Mechie, R Meissner, ...
Tectonics 22 (1)
Three-dimensional seismic imaging of a protoridge axis in the Main Ethiopian rift
K Keranen, SL Klemperer, R Gloaguen, EAGLE Working Group
Geology 32 (11), 949-952
Nature and distribution of deformation across the Banda Arc–Australian collision zone at Timor
DE Karig, AJ Barber, TR Charlton, S Klemperer, DM Hussong
Geological Society of America Bulletin 98 (1), 18-32
Crustal profile of mountain belt: COCORP deep seismic reflection profiling in New England Appalachians and implications for architecture of convergent mountain chains
CJ Ando, BL Czuchra, SL Klemperer, LD Brown, MJ Cheadle, FA Cook, ...
AAPG Bulletin 68 (7), 819-837
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