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Optimised parameters for A-DNA and B-DNA
S Arnott, DWL Hukins
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 47 (6), 1504-1509
Refinement of the structure of< i> B</i>-DNA and implications for the analysis of X-ray diffraction data from fibers of biopolymers
S Arnott, DWL Hukins
Journal of molecular biology 81 (2), 93-105
Relation between the structure of the annulus fibrosus and the function and failure of the intervertebral disc
Spine 5 (2), 106-116
Structural details of a double-helix observed for DNAs containing alternating purine and pyrimidine sequences
S Arnott, R Chandrasekaran, DWL Hukins, PJC Smith, L Watts
Journal of molecular biology 88 (2), 523-533
Optimised parameters for RNA double-helices
S Arnott, DWL Hukins, SD Dover
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 48 (6), 1392-1399
Structures of synthetic polynucleotides in the< i> A</i>-RNA and< i> A</i>′-RNA conformations: X-ray diffraction analyses of the molecular conformations of polyadenylic acidĚ polyuridylic acid and polyinosinic acidĚ polycytidylic acid
S Arnott, DWL Hukins, SD Dover, W Fuller, AR Hodgson
Journal of molecular biology 81 (2), 107-122
Hyaluronic acid: molecular conformations and interactions in two sodium salts
JM Guss, DWL Hukins, PJC Smith, WT Winter, S Arnott, R Moorhouse, ...
Journal of molecular biology 95 (3), 359-384
Collagen orientations in the meniscus of the knee joint.
RM Aspden, YE Yarker, DW Hukins
Journal of anatomy 140 (Pt 3), 371
Collagen orientation and molecular spacing during creep and stress-relaxation in soft connective tissues.
PP Purslow, TJ Wess, DW Hukins
The Journal of experimental biology 201 (1), 135-142
The dimensions and shapes of the furanose rings in nucleic acids
S Arnott, DWL Hukins
Biochem. J 130, 453-465
Conservation of conformation in mono and poly-nucleotides
S Arnott, DWL Hukins
Nature Publishing Group 224 (5222), 886-888
Migration of the nucleus pulposus within the intervertebral disc during flexion and extension of the spine
AJ Fennell, AP Jones, DWL Hukins
Spine 21 (23), 2753-2757
Collagen polymorphism: its origins in the amino acid sequence
BB Doyle, DWL Hukins, DJS Hulmes, A Miller, J Woodhead-Galloway
Journal of molecular biology 91 (1), 79-99
Comparison of structure, mechanical properties, and functions of lumbar spinal ligaments
DWL Hukins, MC Kirby, TA Sikoryn, RM Aspden, AJ Cox
Spine 15 (8), 787-795
Composition and properties of connective tissues
DWL Hukins, RM Aspden
Trends in Biochemical Sciences 10 (7), 260-264
Collagen organization in articular cartilage, determined by X-ray diffraction, and its relationship to tissue function
RM Aspden, DWL Hukins
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences ...
X-ray diffraction by disordered and ordered systems.
DWL Hukins
X-ray diffraction by disordered and ordered systems.
Effect of removing the nucleus pulposus on the deformation of the annulus fibrosus during compression of the intervertebral disc
JR Meakin, DWL Hukins
Journal of biomechanics 33 (5), 575-580
Comparison of the structure of human intervertebral discs in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine
JS Pooni, DWL Hukins, PF Harris, RC Hilton, KE Davies
Surgical and radiologic anatomy 8 (3), 175-182
Disc structure and function
DWL Hukins
The biology of the intervertebral disc 1, 1-37
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