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Vaccinia virus uses macropinocytosis and apoptotic mimicry to enter host cells
J Mercer, A Helenius
Science 320 (5875), 531-535
Virus entry by endocytosis
J Mercer, M Schelhaas, A Helenius
Annual review of biochemistry 79 (79), 803-833
Virus entry by macropinocytosis
J Mercer, A Helenius
Nature cell biology 11 (5), 510-520
Subversion of CtBP1‐controlled macropinocytosis by human adenovirus serotype 3
B Amstutz, M Gastaldelli, S Kälin, N Imelli, K Boucke, E Wandeler, ...
The EMBO journal 27 (7), 956-969
Vaccinia virus strains use distinct forms of macropinocytosis for host-cell entry
J Mercer, S Knébel, FI Schmidt, J Crouse, C Burkard, A Helenius
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (20), 9346-9351
Investigation of structural and functional motifs within the vaccinia virus A14 phosphoprotein, an essential component of the virion membrane
J Mercer, P Traktman
Journal of virology 77 (16), 8857-8871
Single‐cell analysis of population context advances RNAi screening at multiple levels
B Snijder, R Sacher, P Rämö, P Liberali, K Mench, N Wolfrum, L Burleigh, ...
Molecular systems biology 8 (1)
Vaccinia extracellular virions enter cells by macropinocytosis and acid‐activated membrane rupture
FI Schmidt, CKE Bleck, A Helenius, J Mercer
The EMBO journal 30 (17), 3647-3661
Gulping rather than sipping: macropinocytosis as a way of virus entry
J Mercer, A Helenius
Current opinion in microbiology 15 (4), 490-499
Poxvirus host cell entry
FI Schmidt, CKE Bleck, J Mercer
Current opinion in virology 2 (1), 20-27
Genetic and cell biological characterization of the vaccinia virus A30 and G7 phosphoproteins
J Mercer, P Traktman
Journal of virology 79 (11), 7146-7161
RNAi screening reveals proteasome-and Cullin3-dependent stages in vaccinia virus infection
J Mercer, B Snijder, R Sacher, C Burkard, CKE Bleck, H Stahlberg, ...
Cell reports 2 (4), 1036-1047
Direct identification of ligand-receptor interactions on living cells and tissues
AP Frei, OY Jeon, S Kilcher, H Moest, LM Henning, C Jost, A Plückthun, ...
Nature biotechnology 30 (10), 997-1001
Apoptotic mimicry: phosphatidylserine‐mediated macropinocytosis of vaccinia virus
J Mercer, A Helenius
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1209 (1), 49-55
Cooperative vaccinia infection demonstrated at the single-cell level using FluidFM
P Stiefel, FI Schmidt, P Dörig, P Behr, T Zambelli, JA Vorholt, J Mercer
Nano letters 12 (8), 4219-4227
Biogenesis of the vaccinia virus membrane: genetic and ultrastructural analysis of the contributions of the A14 and A17 proteins
B Unger, J Mercer, KA Boyle, P Traktman
Journal of virology 87 (2), 1083-1097
A facile protocol for the immobilisation of vesicles, virus particles, bacteria, and yeast cells
P Kuhn, K Eyer, T Robinson, FI Schmidt, J Mercer, PS Dittrich
Integrative Biology 4 (12), 1550-1555
Tracking viral genomes in host cells at single-molecule resolution
I Wang, M Suomalainen, V Andriasyan, S Kilcher, J Mercer, A Neef, ...
Cell host & microbe 14 (4), 468-480
Virus interactions with endocytic pathways in macrophages and dendritic cells
J Mercer, UF Greber
Trends in microbiology 21 (8), 380-388
Viral apoptotic mimicry party: PS Bring your own Gas6
J Mercer
Cell host & microbe 9 (4), 255-257
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