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Considering evolutionary processes in conservation biology
KA Crandall, ORP Bininda-Emonds, GM Mace, RK Wayne
Trends in ecology & evolution 15 (7), 290-295
The delayed rise of present-day mammals
ORP Bininda-Emonds, M Cardillo, KE Jones, RDE Macphee, RMD Beck, ...
Nature 456 (7219), 274-274
The delayed rise of present-day mammals
ORP Bininda-Emonds, M Cardillo, KE Jones, RDE MacPhee, RMD Beck, ...
Nature 446 (7135), 507-512
 1035 2007
Building large trees by combining phylogenetic information: a complete phylogeny of the extant Carnivora (Mammalia)
ORP Bininda-Emonds, JL Gittleman, A Purvis
Biological Reviews 74 (2), 143-175
Multiple causes of high extinction risk in large mammal species
M Cardillo, GM Mace, KE Jones, J Bielby, ORP Bininda-Emonds, ...
Science 309 (5738), 1239-1241
The impact of species concept on biodiversity studies
PM Agapow, ORP Bininda‐Emonds, KA Crandall, JL Gittleman, GM Mace, ...
The quarterly review of biology 79 (2), 161-179
How many bootstrap replicates are necessary?
N Pattengale, M Alipour, O Bininda-Emonds, B Moret, A Stamatakis
Research in Computational Molecular Biology, 184-200
A phylogenetic supertree of the bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera)
KE Jones, A Purvis, ANN Maclarnon, ORP BININDA‐EMONDS, ...
Biological Reviews 77 (2), 223-259
The evolution of supertrees
ORP Bininda-Emonds
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 19 (6), 315-322
PanTHERIA: a species-level database of life history, ecology, and geography of extant and recently extinct mammals: Ecological Archives E090-184
KE Jones, J Bielby, M Cardillo, SA Fritz, J O'Dell, CDL Orme, K Safi, ...
Ecology 90 (9), 2648-2648
The (super) tree of life: procedures, problems, and prospects
ORP Bininda-Emonds, JL Gittleman, MA Steel
Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics, 265-289
Phylogenetic supertrees: combining information to reveal the Tree of Life
ORP Bininda-Emonds
Assessment of the accuracy of matrix representation with parsimony analysis supertree construction
ORP Bininda-Emonds, MJ Sanderson
Systematic Biology 50 (4), 565-579
A complete phylogeny of the whales, dolphins and even‐toed hoofed mammals (Cetartiodactyla)
SA Price, ORP Bininda‐Emonds, JL Gittleman
Biological reviews 80 (3), 445-473
Geographical variation in predictors of mammalian extinction risk: big is bad, but only in the tropics
SA Fritz, ORP Bininda‐Emonds, A Purvis
Ecology letters 12 (6), 538-549
The fast‐slow continuum in mammalian life history: an empirical reevaluation
J Bielby, GM Mace, ORP Bininda‐Emonds, M Cardillo, JL Gittleman, ...
The American Naturalist 169 (6), 748-757
transAlign: using amino acids to facilitate the multiple alignment of protein-coding DNA sequences
ORP Bininda-Emonds
Bmc Bioinformatics 6 (1), 156
Properties of matrix representation with parsimony analyses
ORP Bininda-Emonds, HN Bryant
Systematic Biology, 497-508
A species‐level phylogenetic supertree of marsupials
M Cardillo, RP Bininda‐Emonds, E Boakes, A Purvis
Journal of Zoology 264 (1), 11-31
Flight of the dodo
B Shapiro, D Sibthorpe, A Rambaut, J Austin, GM Wragg, ...
Science 295 (5560), 1683-1683
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