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Growth and development of Mesembryanthemum crystallinum (Aizoaceae)
P Adams, DONE NELSON, S Yamada, W Chmara, RG Jensen, ...
New Phytologist 138 (2), 171-190
Linking drought‐resistance mechanisms to drought avoidance in upland rice using a QTL approach: progress and new opportunities to integrate stomatal and mesophyll responses
AH Price, JE Cairns, P Horton, HG Jones, H Griffiths
Journal of Experimental Botany 53 (371), 989-1004
Carbon isotopes and water use efficiency: sense and sensitivity
U Seibt, A Rajabi, H Griffiths, JA Berry
Oecologia 155 (3), 441-454
Crassulacean acid metabolism: plastic, fantastic
AN Dodd, AM Borland, RP Haslam, H Griffiths, K Maxwell
Journal of Experimental Botany 53 (369), 569-580
Carbon isotope fractionation during dark respiration and photorespiration in C3 plants
J Ghashghaie, FW Badeck, G Lanigan, S Nogués, G Tcherkez, E Deléens, ...
Phytochemistry Reviews 2 (1-2), 145-161
Why are non-photosynthetic tissues generally 13C enriched compared with leaves in C3 plants? Review and synthesis of current hypotheses
LA Cernusak, G Tcherkez, C Keitel, WK Cornwell, LS Santiago, A Knohl, ...
Functional Plant Biology 36 (3), 199-213
Photosynthetic pathways in the Bromeliaceae of Trinidad: relations between life-forms, habitat preference and the occurrence of CAM
H Griffiths, JAC Smith
Oecologia 60 (2), 176-184
The carbon isotope ratio of plant organic material reflects temporal and spatial variations in CO2 within tropical forest formations in Trinidad
MSJ Broadmeadow, H Griffiths, C Maxwell, AM Borland
Oecologia 89 (3), 435-441
Comparative ecophysiology of CAM and C3 bromeliads. III. Environmental influences on CO2 assimilation and transpiration
H Griffiths, U Lüttge, KH Stimmel, CE Crook, NM Griffiths, JAC Smith
Plant, Cell & Environment 9 (5), 385-393
Crassulacean acid metabolism: a re-appraisal of physiological plasticity in form and function
H Griffiths
Advances in Botanical Research 15, 43-92
Carbon isotope discrimination and the CO2 accumulating mechanism in Chlorella emersonii
J Beardall, H Griffiths, JA Raven
Journal of Experimental Botany 33 (4), 729-737
Carbon Isotope Discrimination and the Coupling of C02
MSJ Broadmeadow, H Griffiths
Stable isotopes and plant carbon-water relations, 109
Inorganic carbon assimilation in the Isoetids, Isoetes lacustris L. and Lobelia dortmanna L.
K Richardson, H Griffiths, ML Reed, JA Raven, NM Griffiths
Oecologia 61 (1), 115-121
Diurnal variation of Δ13CO2, ΔC18O16O and evaporative site enrichment of δH218O in Piper aduncum under field conditions in Trinidad
KG Harwood, JS Gillon, H Griffiths, MSJ Broadmeadow
Plant, Cell & Environment 21 (3), 269-283
Stable isotopes: integration of biological, ecological and geochemical processes
H Griffiths
Bios Scientific Publishers
Carbon dioxide concentrating mechanisms and the evolution of CAM in vascular epiphytes
H Griffiths
Vascular plants as epiphytes, 42-86
The influence of (photo) respiration on carbon isotope discrimination in plants
JS Gillon, H Griffiths
Plant, Cell & Environment 20 (10), 1217-1230
Carbon isotope discrimination and the integration of carbon assimilation pathways in terrestrial CAM plants
H Griffiths
Plant, Cell & Environment 15 (9), 1051-1062
Inorganic C-sources for Lemanea, Cladophora and Ranunculus in a fast-flowing stream: measurements of gas exchange and of carbon isotope ratio and their ecological implications
J Raven, J Beardall, H Griffiths
Oecologia 53 (1), 68-78
On the ecophysiology of the Clusiaceae in Trinidad: expression of CAM in Clusia minor L. during the transition from wet to dry season and characterization of three endemic species
AM Borland, H Griffiths, C Maxwell, MSJ Broadmeadow, NM Griffiths, ...
New Phytologist 122 (2), 349-357
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