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Mapping pedagogy and tools for effective learning design
G Conole, M Dyke, M Oliver, J Seale
Computers and Education 43 (1), 17-33
E-learning and disability in higher education: accessibility theory and practice
J Seale
 91 2014
Accessibility 2.0: people, policies and processes
B Kelly, D Sloan, S Brown, J Seale, H Petrie, P Lauke, S Ball
Proceedings of the 2007 international cross-disciplinary conference on Web ...
E-learning and disability in higher education: accessibility research and practice
J Seale
Taylor & Francis
Reflection on-line or off-line: the role of learning technologies in encouraging students to reflect
JK Seale, AJ Cann
Computers & Education 34 (3-4), 309-320
Therapy research processes and practicalities
J Seale, S Barnard
The influence of assessments on studentsí motivation to learn in a therapy degree course
JK Seale, J Chapman, C Davey
Medical Education 34 (8), 614-621
Access All Areas: disability, technology and learning
L Phipps, A Sutherland, J Seale
TechDis with the Association for Learning Technology
Older people as partners in assistive technology research: the use of focus groups in the design process
J Seale, C McCreadie, A Turner-Smith, A Tinker
Technology and Disability 14 (1), 21-29
The development of accessibility practices in e‐learning: an exploration of communities of practice
J Seale
ALT-J 12 (1), 51-63
An introduction to learning technology in tertiary education in the UK.
J Seale, M Rius-Riu
Association for Learning Technology
Doing student voice work in higher education: an exploration of the value of participatory methods
J Seale
British Educational Research Journal 36 (6), 995-1015
The same but different: the use of the personal home page by adults with Down syndrome as a tool for self‐presentation
JK Seale
British Journal of Educational Technology 32 (3), 343-352
A contextualised model of accessible e-learning practice in higher education institutions
J Seale
Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 22 (2), 268
E-learning and accessibility: An exploration of the potential role of generic pedagogical tools
J Seale, M Cooper
Computers & Education 54 (4), 1107-1116
Using CAA to support student learning
J Seale
LTSN Generic Centre Starter Guide 4
Concepts of access for people with learning difficulties: towards a shared understanding
M Nind, J Seale
Disability & Society 24 (3), 273-287
Digital agility and digital decision‐making: conceptualising digital inclusion in the context of disabled learners in higher education
J Seale, EA Draffan, M Wald
Studies in Higher Education 35 (4), 445-461
Exploring disabled learnersí experiences of e-learning: LEXDIS Project Report
J Seale, EA Draffan, M Wald
University of Southampton
The use of the Personal Home Page by adults with Down's syndrome as a tool for managing identity and friendship
JK Seale, R Pockney
British Journal of Learning Disabilities 30 (4), 142-148
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