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'Metabonomics': understanding the metabolic responses of living systems to pathophysiological stimuli via multivariate statistical analysis of biological NMR spectroscopic data
JK Nicholson, JC Lindon, E Holmes
Xenobiotica 29 (11), 1181-1189
Metabonomics: a platform for studying drug toxicity and gene function
JK Nicholson, J Connelly, JC Lindon, E Holmes
Nature reviews Drug discovery 1 (2), 153-161
Rapid and noninvasive diagnosis of the presence and severity of coronary heart disease using 1H-NMR-based metabonomics
JT Brindle, H Antti, E Holmes, G Tranter, JK Nicholson, HWL Bethell, ...
Nature medicine 8 (12), 1439-1445
Understanding'global'systems biology: metabonomics and the continuum of metabolism
JK Nicholson, ID Wilson
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 2 (8), 668-676
750 MHz 1H and 1H-13C NMR spectroscopy of human blood plasma
JK Nicholson, PJD Foxall, M Spraul, RD Farrant, JC Lindon
Analytical chemistry 67 (5), 793-811
Systems biology: metabonomics
JK Nicholson, JC Lindon
Nature 455 (7216), 1054-1056
High resolution proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of biological fluids
JK Nicholson, ID Wilson
Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 21 (4), 449-501
Metabolic profiling, metabolomic and metabonomic procedures for NMR spectroscopy of urine, plasma, serum and tissue extracts
O Beckonert, HC Keun, TMD Ebbels, J Bundy, E Holmes, JC Lindon, ...
Nature protocols 2 (11), 2692-2703
Gut microorganisms, mammalian metabolism and personalized health care
JK Nicholson, E Holmes, ID Wilson
Nature Reviews Microbiology 3 (5), 431-438
Pharmaco-metabonomic phenotyping and personalized drug treatment
TA Clayton, JC Lindon, O Cloarec, H Antti, C Charuel, G Hanton, ...
Nature 440 (7087), 1073-1077
Symbiotic gut microbes modulate human metabolic phenotypes
M Li, B Wang, M Zhang, M Rantalainen, S Wang, H Zhou, Y Zhang, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (6), 2117-2122
Human metabolic phenotype diversity and its association with diet and blood pressure
E Holmes, RL Loo, J Stamler, M Bictash, IKS Yap, Q Chan, T Ebbels, ...
Nature 453 (7193), 396-400
Pattern recognition methods and applications in biomedical magnetic resonance
JC Lindon, E Holmes, JK Nicholson
Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 39 (1), 1-40
Statistical total correlation spectroscopy: an exploratory approach for latent biomarker identification from metabolic 1H NMR data sets
O Cloarec, ME Dumas, A Craig, RH Barton, J Trygg, J Hudson, ...
Analytical Chemistry 77 (5), 1282-1289
Metabolic profiling reveals a contribution of gut microbiota to fatty liver phenotype in insulin-resistant mice
ME Dumas, RH Barton, A Toye, O Cloarec, C Blancher, A Rothwell, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (33), 12511-12516
Contemporary issues in toxicology the role of metabonomics in toxicology and its evaluation by the COMET project
JC Lindon, JK Nicholson, E Holmes, H Antti, ME Bollard, H Keun, ...
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 187 (3), 137-146
Metabonomics: metabolic processes studied by NMR spectroscopy of biofluids
JC Lindon, JK Nicholson, E Holmes, JR Everett
Concepts in Magnetic Resonance 12 (5), 289-320
Metabonomics technologies and their applications in physiological monitoring, drug safety assessment and disease diagnosis
JC Lindon, E Holmes, ME Bollard, EG Stanley, JK Nicholson
Biomarkers 9 (1), 1-31
NMR‐based metabonomic approaches for evaluating physiological influences on biofluid composition
ME Bollard, EG Stanley, JC Lindon, JK Nicholson, E Holmes
NMR in Biomedicine 18 (3), 143-162
OPLS discriminant analysis: combining the strengths of PLS‐DA and SIMCA classification
M Bylesjö, M Rantalainen, O Cloarec, JK Nicholson, E Holmes, J Trygg
Journal of Chemometrics 20 (8‐10), 341-351
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