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Dissociating the roles of the cerebellum and motor cortex during adaptive learning: the motor cortex retains what the cerebellum learns
JM Galea, A Vazquez, N Pasricha, JJO de Xivry, P Celnik
Cerebral Cortex 21 (8), 1761-1770
Modulation of cerebellar excitability by polarity-specific noninvasive direct current stimulation
JM Galea, G Jayaram, L Ajagbe, P Celnik
The Journal of Neuroscience 29 (28), 9115-9122
Brain polarization enhances the formation and retention of motor memories
JM Galea, P Celnik
Journal of neurophysiology 102 (1), 294-301
Speech facilitation by left inferior frontal cortex stimulation
R Holland, AP Leff, O Josephs, JM Galea, M Desikan, CJ Price, ...
Current Biology 21 (16), 1403-1407
Cerebellar modulation of human associative plasticity
M Hamada, G Strigaro, N Murase, A Sadnicka, JM Galea, MJ Edwards, ...
The Journal of physiology 590 (10), 2365-2374
Dopamine, affordance and active inference
KJ Friston, T Shiner, T FitzGerald, JM Galea, R Adams, H Brown, ...
PLoS computational biology 8 (1), e1002327
Human locomotor adaptive learning is proportional to depression of cerebellar excitability
G Jayaram, JM Galea, AJ Bastian, P Celnik
Cerebral Cortex, bhq263
Disruption of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex facilitates the consolidation of procedural skills
JM Galea, NB Albert, T Ditye, RC Miall
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 22 (6), 1158-1164
Concurrent adaptation to opposing visual displacements during an alternating movement
JM Galea, RC Miall
Experimental brain research 175 (4), 676-688
Direct-current-dependent shift of theta-burst-induced plasticity in the human motor cortex
A Hasan, M Hamada, MA Nitsche, D Ruge, JM Galea, T Wobrock, ...
Experimental brain research 217 (1), 15-23
Asymmetric interlimb transfer of concurrent adaptation to opposing dynamic forces
JM Galea, RC Miall, DG Woolley
Experimental Brain Research 182 (2), 267-273
Non-invasive cerebellar stimulation—a consensus paper
G Grimaldi, GP Argyropoulos, A Boehringer, P Celnik, MJ Edwards, ...
The Cerebellum 13 (1), 121-138
Dynamic modulation of cerebellar excitability for abrupt, but not gradual, visuomotor adaptation
JE Schlerf, JM Galea, AJ Bastian, PA Celnik
The Journal of Neuroscience 32 (34), 11610-11617
Hippocampal integrity and neurocognition in first-episode schizophrenia: A multidimensional study
A Hasan, T Wobrock, P Falkai, T Schneider-Axmann, B Guse, M Backens, ...
The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry 15 (3), 188-199
Disrupting the ventral premotor cortex interferes with the contribution of action observation to use-dependent plasticity
G Cantarero, JM Galea, L Ajagbe, R Salas, J Willis, P Celnik
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 23 (12), 3757-3766
Secondary tasks impair adaptation to step-and gradual-visual displacements
JM Galea, SA Sami, NB Albert, RC Miall
Experimental brain research 202 (2), 473-484
Action reprogramming in Parkinson's disease: response to prediction error is modulated by levels of dopamine
JM Galea, S Bestmann, M Beigi, M Jahanshahi, JC Rothwell
The Journal of Neuroscience 32 (2), 542-550
Muscle and timing-specific functional connectivity between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the primary motor cortex
A Hasan, JM Galea, EP Casula, P Falkai, S Bestmann, JC Rothwell
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 25 (4), 558-570
Pallidal stimulation for cervical dystonia does not correct abnormal temporal discrimination
A Sadnicka, O Kimmich, C Pisarek, D Ruge, J Galea, P Kassavetis, ...
Movement Disorders 28 (13), 1874-1877
Increased use-dependent plasticity in chronic insomnia.
RE Salas, JM Galea, AA Gamaldo, CE Gamaldo, RP Allen, MT Smith, ...
Sleep 37 (3), 535-544
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