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TAP-2: An interrogative kinetics approach
JT Gleaves, GS Yablonskii, P Phanawadee, Y Schuurman
Applied Catalysis A: General 160 (1), 55-88
Kineticheskie modeli kataliticheskikh reaktsii (Kinetic Models of Catalytic Reactions)
GS Yablonskii, VI Bykov, AN Gorban
Novosibirsk: Nauka
Kinetic models of catalytic reactions, The series of monographs “Comprehensive Chemical Kinetics”, Vol. 32, Compton RG ed
GS Yablonskii, VI Bykov, AN Gorban, VI Elokhin
Elsevier, Amsterdam
 159 1991
Kinetics of Model Reactions of Heterogeneous Catalysis
GS Yablonskii, VI Bykov, VI Elokhin
Nauks, Novosibirsk
Thin-zone TAP-reactor–theory and application
SO Shekhtman, GS Yablonsky, S Chen, JT Gleaves
Chemical Engineering Science 54 (20), 4371-4378
Temporal analysis of products: basic principles, applications, and theory
GS Yablonsky, M Olea, GB Marin
Journal of Catalysis 216 (1), 120-134
Kinetic studies of photocatalytic degradation in a TiO2 slurry system: Distinguishing working regimes and determining rate dependences
K Mehrotra, GS Yablonsky, AK Ray
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 42 (11), 2273-2281
Essays on chemical relaxation
AN Gorban, VI Bykov, GS Yablonskii
Nauka, Novosibirsk
On the simple model of kinetic self-oscillations in catalitic reaction of CO oxidation
V Bykov, G Yablonskii, V Kim
Doklady AN USSR 242, 637-639
Macro kinetic studies for photocatalytic degradation of benzoic acid in immobilized systems
K Mehrotra, GS Yablonsky, AK Ray
Chemosphere 60 (10), 1427-1436
“State defining” experiment in chemical kinetics—primary characterization of catalyst activity in a TAP experiment
SO Shekhtman, GS Yablonsky, JT Gleaves, R Fushimi
Chemical engineering science 58 (21), 4843-4859
Moment-based analysis of transient response catalytic studies (TAP experiment)
GS Yablonskii, SO Shekhtman, S Chen, JT Gleaves
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 37 (6), 2193-2202
Temporal analysis of products (TAP)—recent advances in technology for kinetic analysis of multi-component catalysts
JT Gleaves, G Yablonsky, X Zheng, R Fushimi, PL Mills
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 315 (2), 108-134
Pulse-response TAP studies of the reverse water–gas shift reaction over a Pt/CeO< sub> 2</sub> catalyst
A Goguet, SO Shekhtman, R Burch, C Hardacre, FC Meunier, ...
Journal of Catalysis 237 (1), 102-110
Knudsen's cosine law and random billiards
R Feres, G Yablonsky
Chemical engineering science 59 (7), 1541-1556
Kinetics of chemical reactions
G Marin, GS Yablonsky
John Wiley & Sons
Multi-zone TAP-reactors theory and application: I. The global transfer matrix equation
D Constales, GS Yablonsky, GB Marin, JT Gleaves
Chemical engineering science 56 (1), 133-149
Monte Carlo modeling of a simple catalytic reaction mechanism: Comparison with langmuir kinetics
LV Lutsevich, VI Elokhin, AV Myshlyavtsev, AG Usov, GS Yablonskii
Journal of Catalysis 132 (2), 302-310
Thin-zone TAP reactor versus differential PFR: Analysis of concentration nonuniformity for gas-solid systems
SO Shekhtman, GS Yablonsky
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 44 (16), 6518-6522
Thin-zone TAP reactor as a basis of “state-by-state transient screening”
SO Shekhtman, GS Yablonsky, JT Gleaves, RR Fushimi
Chemical engineering science 59 (22), 5493-5500
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