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LÚvy flight search patterns of wandering albatrosses
GM Viswanathan, V Afanasyev, SV Buldyrev, EJ Murphy, PA Prince, ...
Nature 381 (6581), 413-415
Revisiting LÚvy flight search patterns of wandering albatrosses, bumblebees and deer
AM Edwards, RA Phillips, NW Watkins, MP Freeman, EJ Murphy, ...
Nature 449 (7165), 1044-1048
Environmental change and Antarctic seabird populations
JP Croxall, PN Trathan, EJ Murphy
Science 297 (5586), 1510-1514
Climate change and the marine ecosystem of the western Antarctic Peninsula
A Clarke, EJ Murphy, MP Meredith, JC King, LS Peck, DKA Barnes, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 362 ...
Large-scale fluctuations in distribution and abundance of krillŚa discussion of possible causes
J Priddle, JP Croxall, I Everson, RB Heywood, EJ Murphy, PA Prince, ...
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Contrasting population changes in sympatric penguin species in association with climate warming
J Forcada, PN Trathan, K Reid, EJ Murphy, JP Croxall
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Interannual variability of the South Georgia marine ecosystem: biological and physical sources of variation in the abundance of krill
EJ Murphy, JL Watkins, K Reid, PN Trathan, I Everson, JP Croxall, ...
Fisheries Oceanography 7 (3‐4), 381-390
Temporal variation in Antarctic sea-ice: analysis of a long term fast-ice record from the South Orkney Islands
EJ Murphy, A Clarke, C Symon, J Priddle
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 42 (7), 1045-1062
Oceanic circumpolar habitats of Antarctic krill
A Atkinson, V Siegel, EA Pakhomov, P Rothery, V Loeb, RM Ross, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 362, 1-23
Spatial and temporal operation of the Scotia Sea ecosystem: a review of large-scale links in a krill centred food web
EJ Murphy, JL Watkins, PN Trathan, K Reid, MP Meredith, SE Thorpe, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 362 ...
Global seabird response to forage fish depletionŚone-third for the birds
PM Cury, IL Boyd, S Bonhommeau, T Anker-Nilssen, RJM Crawford, ...
Science 334 (6063), 1703-1706
Krill transport in the Scotia Sea and environs
Scales of interaction between Antarctic krill and the environment
EJ Murphy, DJ Morris, JL Watkins, J Priddle
Antarctic ocean and resources variability, 120-130
The effects of global climate variability in pup production of Antarctic fur seals
J Forcada, PN Trathan, K Reid, EJ Murphy
Ecology 86 (9), 2408-2417
Interpretation of acoustic data at two frequencies to discriminate between Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba Dana) and other scatterers
LSP Madureira, I Everson, EJ Murphy
Journal of Plankton Research 15 (7), 787-802
Environmental forcing and Southern Ocean marine predator populations: effects of climate change and variability
PN Trathan, J Forcada, EJ Murphy
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 362 ...
Cephalopods and mesoscale oceanography at the Antarctic Polar Front: satellite tracked predators locate pelagic trophic interactions
PG Rodhouse, PA Prince, PN Trathan, EMC Hatfield, JL Watkins, ...
Marine ecology progress series. Oldendorf 136 (1), 37-50
Climatically driven fluctuations in Southern Ocean ecosystems
EJ Murphy, PN Trathan, JL Watkins, K Reid, MP Meredith, J Forcada, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 274 (1629), 3057-3067
Dynamics of Antarctic penguin populations in relation to inter-annual variability in sea ice distribution
PN Trathan, JP Croxall, EJ Murphy
Polar Biology 16 (5), 321-330
Spatial structure of the Southern Ocean ecosystem: predator-prey linkages in Southern Ocean food webs
EJ Murphy
Journal of Animal Ecology, 333-347
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