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Inhibition of the LSD1 (KDM1A) demethylase reactivates the all-trans-retinoic acid differentiation pathway in acute myeloid leukemia
T Schenk, WC Chen, S Göllner, L Howell, L Jin, K Hebestreit, HU Klein, ...
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Detection of significantly differentially methylated regions in targeted bisulfite sequencing data
K Hebestreit, M Dugas, HU Klein
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The Interlaboratory RObustness of Next-generation sequencing (IRON) study: a deep sequencing investigation of TET2, CBL and KRAS mutations by an …
A Kohlmann, HU Klein, S Weissmann, S Bresolin, T Chaplin, H Cuppens, ...
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Single-cell transcriptomic analysis defines heterogeneity and transcriptional dynamics in the adult neural stem cell lineage
BW Dulken, DS Leeman, SC Boutet, K Hebestreit, A Brunet
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Mono-unsaturated fatty acids link H3K4me3 modifiers to C. elegans lifespan
S Han, EA Schroeder, CG Silva-García, K Hebestreit, WB Mair, A Brunet
Nature 544 (7649), 185, 2017
DNA methylation changes are a late event in acute promyelocytic leukemia and coincide with loss of transcription factor binding
T Schoofs, C Rohde, K Hebestreit, HU Klein, S Göllner, I Schulze, ...
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Lysosome activation clears aggregates and enhances quiescent neural stem cell activation during aging
DS Leeman, K Hebestreit, T Ruetz, AE Webb, A McKay, EA Pollina, ...
Science 359 (6381), 1277-1283, 2018
Leukemia gene atlas–a public platform for integrative exploration of genome-wide molecular data
K Hebestreit, S Gröttrup, D Emden, J Veerkamp, C Ruckert, HU Klein, ...
PloS one 7 (6), e39148, 2012
DNA methyltransferase inhibition reverses epigenetically embedded phenotypes in lung cancer preferentially affecting polycomb target genes
A Hascher, AK Haase, K Hebestreit, C Rohde, HU Klein, M Rius, ...
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An evaluation of methods to test predefined genomic regions for differential methylation in bisulfite sequencing data
HU Klein, K Hebestreit
Briefings in bioinformatics 17 (5), 796-807, 2016
Increased DNA methylation of Dnmt3b targets impairs leukemogenesis
I Schulze, C Rohde, M Scheller-Wendorff, N Bäumer, A Krause, F Herbst, ...
Blood 127 (12), 1575-1586, 2016
Identification of the adapter molecule MTSS1 as a potential oncogene-specific tumor suppressor in acute myeloid leukemia
M Schemionek, BK Masouleh, Y Klaile, U Krug, K Hebestreit, C Schubert, ...
PloS one 10 (5), e0125783, 2015
MYST2 acetyltransferase expression and Histone H4 Lysine acetylation are suppressed in AML
T Sauer, MF Arteaga, F Isken, C Rohde, K Hebestreit, JH Mikesch, ...
Experimental hematology 43 (9), 794-802. e4, 2015
Single-cell analysis reveals T cell infiltration in old neurogenic niches
BW Dulken, MT Buckley, PN Negredo, N Saligrama, R Cayrol, ...
Nature 571 (7764), 205-210, 2019
Old fibroblasts secrete inflammatory cytokines that drive variability in reprogramming efficiency and may affect wound healing between old individuals
S Mahmoudi, E Mancini, A Moore, L Xu, F Jahanbani, K Hebestreit, ...
bioRxiv, 448431, 2018
BiSeq: A package for analyzing targeted bisulfite sequencing data
K Hebestreit, HU Klein
A Framework for Integrating Directed and Undirected Annotations to Build Explanatory Models of cis-eQTL Data.
DF Lamparter, R Bhatnagar, K Hebestreit, TG Belgard, V Hanson-Smith
bioRxiv, 619452, 2019
Package ‘RRBSdata’
K Hebestreit, HU Klein, MK Hebestreit, CD biocViews ExperimentData, ...
RRBSdata: An RRBS data set with simulated DMRs.
K Hebestreit, HU Klein
Identification Of Leukemia Suppressive Genes By Inducible Overexpression Of The DNA Methyltransferase DNMT3B During Leukemogenesis In Mice
P Tschanter, C Rohde, A Krause, H Linhart, K Hebestreit, M Dugas, ...
Blood 122 (21), 2493-2493, 2013
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