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Quaternaire. Revue de l'Association française pour l'étude du Quaternaire 22 …, 2011
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Pressure Dependence of the Liquidus and Solidus Temperatures in the Fe‐P Binary System Determined by In Situ Ultrasonics: Implications to the Solidification of Fe‐P Liquids in …
J Chantel, Z Jing, M Xu, T Yu, Y Wang
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 123 (5), 1113-1124, 2018
Measurement of elastic properties of silicates at realistic mantle pressures
J Chantel
Simultaneous measurements of electrical conductivity and seismic wave velocity of partially molten geological materials: effect of evolving melt texture
D Freitas, G Manthilake, J Chantel, MA Bouhifd, D Andrault
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Low velocity layer (LVL) in subduction zones: elasticity of lawsonite
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AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2010
Acoustic Velocities Across the Olivine-Wadsleyite-Ringwoodite Transitions and the Seismic Signature of the 410 km Mantle Discontinuity
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Sound Velocity, Density, Phase Diagram and Equation of State of Iron-Phosphorus Liquids Under Planetary Core Conditions
J Chantel, Z Jing, T Yu, Y Wang
Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 47, 2194, 2016
Détermination du diagramme de phase du système Fe-P: Implications pour la solidification des noyaux planétaires
J Chantel, Z Jing, M Xu, T Yu, Y Wang
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