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Heat-transfer resistance at solid–liquid interfaces: a tool for the detection of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in DNA
B Van Grinsven, N Vanden Bon, H Strauven, L Grieten, M Murib, ...
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Selective identification of macrophages and cancer cells based on thermal transport through surface-imprinted polymer layers
K Eersels, B van Grinsven, A Ethirajan, S Timmermans, ...
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Impedimetric detection of histamine in bowel fluids using synthetic receptors with pH-optimized binding characteristics
M Peeters, FJ Troost, RHG Mingels, T Welsch, B van Grinsven, T Vranken, ...
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Rapid assessment of the stability of DNA duplexes by impedimetric real-time monitoring of chemically induced denaturation
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Heat-transfer-based detection of l-nicotine, histamine, and serotonin using molecularly imprinted polymers as biomimetic receptors
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Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 203, 527-535, 2014
The heat-transfer method: a versatile low-cost, label-free, fast, and user-friendly readout platform for biosensor applications
B Van Grinsven, K Eersels, M Peeters, P Losada-Pérez, T Vandenryt, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (16), 13309-13318, 2014
MIP-based biomimetic sensor for the electronic detection of serotonin in human blood plasma
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Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 171, 602-610, 2012
Phase transitions in lipid vesicles detected by a complementary set of methods: heat‐transfer measurements, adiabatic scanning calorimetry, and dissipation‐mode quartz crystal …
P Losada‐Pérez, KL Jiménez‐Monroy, B Van Grinsven, J Leys, ...
physica status solidi (a) 211 (6), 1377-1388, 2014
Label-Free Detection of Escherichia coli Based on Thermal Transport through Surface Imprinted Polymers
B van Grinsven, K Eersels, O Akkermans, S Ellermann, A Kordek, ...
ACS sensors 1 (9), 1140-1147, 2016
Label-free Protein Detection Based on the Heat-Transfer Method A Case Study with the Peanut Allergen Ara h 1 and Aptamer-Based Synthetic Receptors
M Peeters, B Van Grinsven, TJ Cleij, KL Jiménez-Monroy, P Cornelis, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (19), 10316-10323, 2015
Miniaturised eight‐channel impedance spectroscopy unit as sensor platform for biosensor applications
J Broeders, S Duchateau, B Van Grinsven, W Vanaken, M Peeters, T Cleij, ...
physica status solidi (a) 208 (6), 1357-1363, 2011
Heat-transfer-method-based cell culture quality assay through cell detection by surface imprinted polymers
K Eersels, B van Grinsven, M Khorshid, V Somers, C Püttmann, C Stein, ...
Langmuir 31 (6), 2043-2050, 2015
Array formatting of the heat-transfer method (HTM) for the detection of small organic molecules by molecularly imprinted polymers
G Wackers, T Vandenryt, P Cornelis, E Kellens, R Thoelen, ...
Sensors 14 (6), 11016-11030, 2014
Optimizing the thermal read-out technique for MIP-based biomimetic sensors: Towards nanomolar detection limits
B Geerets, M Peeters, B Grinsven, K Bers, W De Ceuninck, P Wagner
Sensors 13 (7), 9148-9159, 2013
Introducing thermal wave transport analysis (TWTA): a thermal technique for dopamine detection by screen-printed electrodes functionalized with molecularly imprinted polymer …
M Peeters, B van Grinsven, C Foster, T Cleij, C Banks
Molecules 21 (5), 552, 2016
Heat-transfer resistance measurement method (HTM)-based cell detection at trace levels using a progressive enrichment approach with highly selective cell-binding surface imprints
K Bers, K Eersels, B van Grinsven, M Daemen, JFJ Bogie, JJA Hendriks, ...
Langmuir 30 (12), 3631-3639, 2014
Customized impedance spectroscopy device as possible sensor platform for biosensor applications
B van Grinsven, T Vandenryt, S Duchateau, A Gaulke, L Grieten, ...
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Development of a novel flexible polymer-based biosensor platform for the thermal detection of noradrenaline in aqueous solutions
S Casadio, JW Lowdon, K Betlem, JT Ueta, CW Foster, TJ Cleij, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 315, 459-468, 2017
Boron‐Doped Diamond Functionalization by an Electrografting/Alkyne–Azide Click Chemistry Sequence
WS Yeap, MS Murib, W Cuypers, X Liu, B van Grinsven, M Ameloot, ...
ChemElectroChem 1 (7), 1145-1154, 2014
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