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Cleavable linkers in chemical biology
G Leriche, L Chisholm, A Wagner
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O Koniev, G Leriche, M Nothisen, JS Remy, JM Strub, C Schaeffer-Reiss, ...
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From solution to in-cell study of the chemical reactivity of acid sensitive functional groups: a rational approach towards improved cleavable linkers for biospecific endosomal …
SA Jacques, G Leriche, M Mosser, M Nothisen, CD Muller, JS Remy, ...
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 14 (21), 4794-4803, 2016
Spiro Diorthoester (SpiDo), a Human Plasma Stable Acid-Sensitive Cleavable Linker for Lysosomal Release
G Leriche, M Nothisen, N Baumlin, CD Muller, D Bagnard, JS Remy, ...
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Chemistry-A European Journal 23 (28), 6757-6762, 2017
Hydrophobic Nanoparticles Reduce the β-Sheet Content of SEVI Amyloid Fibrils and Inhibit SEVI-Enhanced HIV Infectivity
DA Sheik, JM Chamberlain, L Brooks, M Clark, YH Kim, G Leriche, ...
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Thiol-Triggered Release of Intraliposomal Content from Liposomes Made of Extremophile-Inspired Tetraether Lipids
T Koyanagi, JL Cifelli, G Leriche, D Onofrei, GP Holland, J Yang
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Effects of Lipid Tethering in Extremophile-Inspired Membranes on H+/OH− Flux at Room Temperature
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Fluorescent Analogue of Batimastat Enables Imaging of α-Secretase in Living Cells
G Leriche, AC Chen, S Kim, DJ Selkoe, J Yang
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Etude de fonctions chimiques clivables en milieux biologiques et leurs applications en protéomique chimique et imagerie de fluorescence
G Leriche
Université de Strasbourg, 2012
The small molecule CA140 inhibits the neuroinflammatory response in wild-type mice and a mouse model of AD
JY Lee, JH Nam, Y Nam, HY Nam, G Yoon, E Ko, SB Kim, MR Bautista, ...
Journal of neuroinflammation 15 (1), 286, 2018
Fluid surface coatings for solid-state nanopores: comparison of phospholipid bilayers and archaea-Inspired lipid monolayers
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Nanotechnology, 2019
Water Permeability and Elastic Properties of an Archaea Inspired Lipid Synthesized by Click Chemistry
G Leriche, A Manafirad, S Nguyen, N Bell, JP Patterson, ...
Chemistry of Materials, 2018
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