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Engineering Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3) derivative strains to minimize E. coli protein contamination after purification by immobilized metal affinity chromatography
C Robichon, J Luo, TB Causey, JS Benner, JC Samuelson
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Characterization of YmgF, a 72-residue inner membrane protein that associates with the Escherichia coli cell division machinery
G Karimova, C Robichon, D Ladant
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Role for the nonessential N terminus of FtsN in divisome assembly
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Role of leucine zipper motifs in association of the Escherichia coli cell division proteins FtsL and FtsB
C Robichon, G Karimova, J Beckwith, D Ladant
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Artificial septal targeting of Bacillus subtilis cell division proteins in Escherichia coli: an interspecies approach to the study of protein-protein interactions in …
C Robichon, GF King, NW Goehring, J Beckwith
Journal of bacteriology 190 (18), 6048-6059, 2008
An intramolecular disulphide bond reduces the efficacy of a lipoprotein plasma membrane sorting signal
C Robichon, M Bonhivers, AP Pugsley
Molecular microbiology 49 (4), 1145-1154, 2003
Contribution of the FtsQ transmembrane segment to localization to the cell division site
DJ Scheffers, C Robichon, GJ Haan, T den Blaauwen, G Koningstein, ...
Journal of bacteriology 189 (20), 7273-7280, 2007
Evidence from artificial septal targeting and site-directed mutagenesis that residues in the extracytoplasmic β domain of DivIB mediate its interaction with the divisomal …
SL Rowland, KD Wadsworth, SA Robson, C Robichon, J Beckwith, ...
Journal of bacteriology 192 (23), 6116-6125, 2010
Compositions and Formulations for Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes and Obesity, and Methods of Production and Use Thereof in Glucose and Caloric Control
NW Silver, L Hamm, C Robichon-Iyer, A Williams, MJ Hamill, DA Berry, ...
US Patent App. 15/024,644, 2016
Nucleic Acids, Cells, and Methods for Producing Secreted Proteins
G Shen, DM Young, S Basu, KG Gora, C Robichon-Iyer, NW Silver, ...
US Patent App. 14/397,412, 2015
Composition, method and kit for obtaining purified recombinant proteins
JC Samuelson, C Robichon-Iyer, J Luo
US Patent 8,981,067, 2015
Method for identifying antimicrobial molecules which interfere with apolipoprotein N-acyltransferase activity
C Robichon, A Pugsley, D Vidal-Ingigliardi
US Patent App. PCT/IB2005/003,973, 2006
Etude du triage des lipoprotéines chez les bactéries à Gram négatif
C Robichon
Paris 6, 2004
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