Ryan C. Hickox
Ryan C. Hickox
Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Dartmouth College
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Host galaxies, clustering, Eddington ratios, and evolution of radio, X-ray, and infrared-selected AGNs
RC Hickox, C Jones, WR Forman, SS Murray, CS Kochanek, D Eisenstein, ...
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What drives the growth of black holes?
DM Alexander, RC Hickox
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GOODS-Herschel: the far-infrared view of star formation in active galactic nucleus host galaxies since z ≈ 3
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RJ Assef, CS Kochanek, M Brodwin, R Cool, W Forman, AH Gonzalez, ...
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The Hidden “Agn Main Sequence”: Evidence for a Universal Black Hole Accretion to Star Formation Rate Ratio Since Z∼ 2 Producing an M Bh-M* Relation
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Origin of the soft excess in X-ray pulsars
RC Hickox, R Narayan, TR Kallman
The Astrophysical Journal 614 (2), 881, 2004
Climatology and seasonal variability of ocean fronts in the East China, Yellow and Bohai Seas from satellite SST data
R Hickox, I Belkin, P Cornillon, Z Shan
Geophysical Research Letters 27 (18), 2945-2948, 2000
The evolution of active galactic nuclei across cosmic time: what is downsizing?
N Fanidakis, CM Baugh, AJ Benson, RG Bower, S Cole, C Done, ...
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No clear submillimeter signature of suppressed star formation among X-ray luminous active galactic nuclei
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The Astrophysical Journal Letters 760 (1), L15, 2012
A Large Population of Mid-Infrared-selected, Obscured Active Galaxies in the Boötes Field
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Deep silicate absorption features in compton-thick active galactic nuclei predominantly arise due to dust in the host galaxy
AD Goulding, DM Alexander, FE Bauer, WR Forman, RC Hickox, C Jones, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 755 (1), 5, 2012
Limits on the radiative decay of sterile neutrino dark matter from the unresolved cosmic and soft X-ray backgrounds
KN Abazajian, M Markevitch, SM Koushiappas, RC Hickox
Physical Review D 75 (6), 063511, 2007
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