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Expression of P-glycoprotein in high-grade osteosarcomas in relation to clinical outcome
N Baldini, K Scotlandi, G Barbanti-Bṛdano, MC Manara, D Maurici, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 333 (21), 1380-1385, 1995
The Met/HGF receptor is over-expressed in human osteosarcomas and is activated by either a paracrine or an autocrine circuit.
R Ferracini, MFR Di, K Scotlandi, N Baldini, M Olivero, P Lollini, ...
Oncogene 10 (4), 739-749, 1995
Antitumor activity of the insulin-like growth factor-I receptor kinase inhibitor NVP-AEW541 in musculoskeletal tumors
K Scotlandi, MC Manara, G Nicoletti, PL Lollini, S Lukas, S Benini, S Croci, ...
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Insulin-like growth factor I receptor-mediated circuit in Ewing's sarcoma/peripheral neuroectodermal tumor: a possible therapeutic target
K Scotlandi, S Benini, M Sarti, M Serra, PL Lollini, D Maurici, P Picci, ...
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Blockage of insulin-like growth factor-I receptor inhibits the growth of Ewing's sarcoma in athymic mice
K Scotlandi, S Benini, P Nanni, PL Lollini, G Nicoletti, L Landuzzi, M Serra, ...
Cancer research 58 (18), 4127-4131, 1998
Inhibition of insulin-like growth factor I receptor increases the antitumor activity of doxorubicin and vincristine against Ewing’s sarcoma cells
S Benini, MC Manara, N Baldini, V Cerisano, M Serra, M Mercuri, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 7 (6), 1790-1797, 2001
Preclinical in vivo study of new insulin-like growth factor-I receptor–specific inhibitor in Ewing's sarcoma
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NVP-BEZ235 as a new therapeutic option for sarcomas
MC Manara, G Nicoletti, D Zambelli, S Ventura, C Guerzoni, L Landuzzi, ...
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Retrogenic expression of the MET proto-oncogene correlates with the invasive phenotype of human rhabdomyosarcomas.
R Ferracini, M Olivero, MFR Di, M Martano, CG De, P Nanni, G Basso, ...
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Effectiveness of insulin-like growth factor I receptor antisense strategy against Ewing's sarcoma cells
K Scotlandi, C Maini, MC Manara, S Benini, M Serra, V Cerisano, ...
Cancer gene therapy 9 (3), 296, 2002
CD99 inhibits neural differentiation of human Ewing sarcoma cells and thereby contributes to oncogenesis
A Rocchi, MC Manara, M Sciandra, D Zambelli, F Nardi, G Nicoletti, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 120 (3), 668-680, 2010
Efficacy of and resistance to anti-IGF-1R therapies in Ewing's sarcoma is dependent on insulin receptor signaling
C Garofalo, MC Manara, G Nicoletti, MT Marino, PL Lollini, A Astolfi, ...
Oncogene 30 (24), 2730, 2011
The expression of ccn3 (nov) gene in musculoskeletal tumors
MC Manara, B Perbal, S Benini, R Strammiello, V Cerisano, S Perdichizzi, ...
The American journal of pathology 160 (3), 849-859, 2002
Expression of an IGF‐I receptor dominant negative mutant induces apoptosis, inhibits tumorigenesis and enhances chemosensitivity in Ewing's sarcoma cells
K Scotlandi, S Avnet, S Benini, MC Manara, M Serra, V Cerisano, ...
International journal of cancer 101 (1), 11-16, 2002
miR‐34a predicts survival of Ewing's sarcoma patients and directly influences cell chemo‐sensitivity and malignancy
F Nakatani, M Ferracin, MC Manara, S Ventura, V Del Monaco, S Ferrari, ...
The Journal of pathology 226 (5), 796-805, 2012
Prognostic and therapeutic relevance of HER2 expression in osteosarcoma and Ewing’s sarcoma
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High incidence of BK virus large‐T‐antigen‐coding sequences in normal human tissues and tumors of different histotypes
M De Mattei, F Martini, A Corallini, M Gerosa, K Scotlandi, P Carinci, ...
International journal of cancer 61 (6), 756-760, 1995
Targeting insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor in sarcomas
K Scotlandi, P Picci
Current opinion in oncology 20 (4), 419-427, 2008
In Ewing's sarcoma CCN3 (NOV) inhibits proliferation while promoting migration and invasion of the same cell type
S Benini, B Perbal, D Zambelli, MP Colombo, MC Manara, M Serra, ...
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Multidrug resistance and malignancy in human osteosarcoma
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Cancer research 56 (10), 2434-2439, 1996
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