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Javier Igea
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TitleCited byYear
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Ecological speciation in sympatric palms: 4. Demographic analyses support speciation of Howea in the face of high gene flow
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Trait evolution and historical biogeography shape assemblages of annual killifish
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Filogeografía del desmán ibérico (Galemys pyrenaicus) y su distribución en la red de Parques Nacionales
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Does evolutionary history correlate with contemporary extinction risk by influencing range size dynamics?
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Angiosperm speciation speeds up near the poles
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bioRxiv, 619064, 2019
Greater range filling can explain why evolutionarily older and slower diversifying plants are less threatened by extinction
AJ Tanentzap, J Igea, MG Johnston, MJ Larcombe
bioRxiv, 2017
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