Francesco Montinaro
Francesco Montinaro
Dept. of Biology, University of Bari
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Unravelling the hidden ancestry of American admixed populations
F Montinaro, GBJ Busby, VL Pascali, S Myers, G Hellenthal, C Capelli
Nature communications 6 (1), 6596, 2015
Creating artificial human genomes using generative neural networks
B Yelmen, A Decelle, L Ongaro, D Marnetto, C Tallec, F Montinaro, ...
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The arrival of Siberian ancestry connecting the Eastern Baltic to Uralic speakers further East
L Saag, M Laneman, L Varul, M Malve, H Valk, MA Razzak, IG Shirobokov, ...
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GBJ Busby, G Hellenthal, F Montinaro, S Tofanelli, K Bulayeva, I Rudan, ...
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Ancestry deconvolution and partial polygenic score can improve susceptibility predictions in recently admixed individuals
D Marnetto, K Prna, K Lll, L Molinaro, F Montinaro, T Haller, M Metspalu, ...
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The genomic impact of European colonization of the Americas
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Shifts in the genetic landscape of the western Eurasian steppe associated with the beginning and end of the Scythian dominance
M Jrve, L Saag, CL Scheib, AK Pathak, F Montinaro, L Pagani, R Flores, ...
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Complex ancient genetic structure and cultural transitions in southern African populations
F Montinaro, GBJ Busby, M Gonzalez-Santos, O Oosthuitzen, ...
Genetics 205 (1), 303-316, 2017
Static and moving frontiers: the genetic landscape of Southern African Bantu-speaking populations
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Population structure of modern-day Italians reveals patterns of ancient and archaic ancestries in Southern Europe
A Raveane, S Aneli, F Montinaro, G Athanasiadis, S Barlera, G Birolo, ...
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A high-quality bonobo genome refines the analysis of hominid evolution
Y Mao, CR Catacchio, LDW Hillier, D Porubsky, R Li, A Sulovari, ...
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Mine, yours, ours? Sharing data on human genetic variation
N Milia, A Congiu, P Anagnostou, F Montinaro, M Capocasa, E Sanna, ...
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Ancient genomes reveal structural shifts after the arrival of Steppe-related ancestry in the Italian Peninsula
T Saupe, F Montinaro, C Scaggion, N Carrara, T Kivisild, E D’Atanasio, ...
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Archaeogenomic distinctiveness of the Isthmo-Colombian area
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The genetic ancestry of modern Indus valley populations from northwest India
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Migration distance rather than migration rate explains genetic diversity in human patrilocal groups
SJ Marks, H Levy, C MARTINEZ‐CADENAS, F Montinaro, C Capelli
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Evidence of high genetic variation among linguistically diverse populations on a micro-geographic scale: a case study of the Italian Alps
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Differences in local population history at the finest level: the case of the Estonian population
V Pankratov, F Montinaro, A Kushniarevich, G Hudjashov, F Jay, L Saag, ...
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Scientific Reports 9 (1), 7786, 2019
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