Filipe Teixeira-Dias
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On the determination of material parameters for internal variable thermoelastic–viscoplastic constitutive models
A Andrade-Campos, S Thuillier, P Pilvin, F Teixeira-Dias
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JA Oliveira, J Pinho-da-Cruz, F Teixeira-Dias
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FC Salvado, F Teixeira-Dias, SM Walley, LJ Lea, JB Cardoso
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Modelling the formation of explosively formed projectiles (EFP)
D Cardoso, F Teixeira-Dias
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RMF Paulo, P Carlone, RAF Valente, F Teixeira-Dias, GS Palazzo
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J Sousa-Martins, D Kakogiannis, F Coghe, B Reymen, F Teixeira-Dias
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H Varum, F Teixeira-Dias, P Marques, AV Pinto, AQ Bhatti
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F Teixeira‐Dias, LF Menezes
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Numerical determination of the influence of the cooling rate and reinforcement volume fraction on the levels of residual stresses in Al–SiC composites
F Teixeira-Dias, LF Menezes
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Tuned liquid dampers simulation for earthquake response control of buildings
T Novo, H Varum, F Teixeira-Dias, H Rodrigues, MF Silva, AC Costa, ...
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An energy absorption performance index for cellular materials–development of a side-impact cork padding
M Paulino, F Teixeira-Dias
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Cork composites for the absorption of impact energy
I Alcântara, F Teixeira-Dias, M Paulino
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Método dos Elementos Finitos-Técnicas de Simulação Numérica em Engenharia
F Teixeira-Dias, J Pinho-da-Cruz, RAF Valente, R Sousa
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Cyclic behaviour of a lightweight mortar with cork granulate composite
R De-Carvalho, F Teixeira-Dias, H Varum
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Effect of strain rate, adiabatic heating and phase transformation phenomena on the mechanical behaviour of stainless steel
A Andrade‐Campos, F Teixeira‐Dias, U Krupp, F Barlat, EF Rauch, ...
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Assessing the effectiveness of a natural cellular material used as safety padding material in motorcycle helmets
RA De Sousa, D Gonçalves, R Coelho, F Teixeira-Dias
Simulation 88 (5), 580-591, 2012
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