Minna Hiltunen
Minna Hiltunen
PostDoc Researcher, University of Jyväskylä
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Differing Daphnia magna assimilation efficiencies for terrestrial, bacterial, and algal carbon and fatty acids
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The fatty acid contents of the edible grasshopper Ruspolia differens can be manipulated using artificial diets
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Distinctive Lipid Composition of the Copepod Limnocalanus macrurus with a High Abundance of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
M Hiltunen, U Strandberg, M Keinänen, S Taipale, P Kankaala
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High intraspecific variation in fatty acids of Eudiaptomus in boreal and subarctic lakes
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Trophic upgrading via the microbial food web may link terrestrial dissolved organic matter to Daphnia
M Hiltunen, M Honkanen, S Taipale, U Strandberg, P Kankaala
Journal of Plankton Research 39 (6), 861-869, 2017
Planktivorous vendace (Coregonus albula) utilise algae‐derived fatty acids for biomass increase and lipid deposition
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Ecology of freshwater fish 27 (2), 533-541, 2018
Impact of increased dissolved organic carbon and nutrient loading on humic lake phytoplankton
M Hiltunen
Terrestrial organic matter quantity or decomposition state does not compensate for its poor nutritional quality for Daphnia
M Hiltunen, E Peltomaa, MT Brett, SL Aalto, U Strandberg, ...
Freshwater Biology, 2019
Population structure, life cycle, and trophic niche of the glacial relict amphipod, Gammaracanthus lacustris, in a large boreal lake
JK Salonen, M Hiltunen, K Figueiredo, P Paavilainen, T Sinisalo, ...
Freshwater Biology, 2019
Ecosystem responses to increased organic carbon concentration: comparing results based on long-term monitoring and whole-lake experimentation
P Kankaala, L Arvola, M Hiltunen, J Huotari, RI Jones, H Nykänen, ...
Inland Waters, 1-14, 2019
The role of zooplankton in the trophic transfer of fatty acids in boreal lake food webs
M Hiltunen
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