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An Alkylated Indacenodithieno[3,2‐b]thiophene‐Based Nonfullerene Acceptor with High Crystallinity Exhibiting Single Junction Solar Cell Efficiencies Greater than …
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Highly-efficient semi-transparent organic solar cells utilising non-fullerene acceptors with optimised multilayer MoO 3/Ag/MoO 3 electrodes
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Solution‐Processed In2O3/ZnO Heterojunction Electron Transport Layers for Efficient Organic Bulk Heterojunction and Inorganic Colloidal Quantum‐Dot Solar Cells
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Overcoming the limitations of transient photovoltage measurements for studying recombination in organic solar cells
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Fused cyclopentadithienothiophene acceptor enables ultrahigh short‐circuit current and high efficiency> 11% in as‐cast organic solar cells
Q He, M Shahid, J Wu, X Jiao, FD Eisner, T Hodsden, Z Fei, ...
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Probing and Controlling Intragrain Crystallinity for Improved Low Temperature–Processed Perovskite Solar Cells
T Du, CH Burgess, CT Lin, F Eisner, J Kim, S Xu, H Kang, JR Durrant, ...
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Emissive Charge‐Transfer States at Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Heterojunctions Enable Low Non‐Radiative Recombination and High‐Performance Photodetectors
F Eisner, G Foot, J Yan, M Azzouzi, DG Georgiadou, WY Sit, Y Firdaus, ...
Advanced Materials 34 (22), 2104654, 2022
Scalable Synthesis of Naphthothiophene-based D-π-D Extended Oligomers through Cascade Direct Arylation Processes
A Nitti, P Osw, A Galbiati, D Pasini
Synlett 29 (19), 2577-2581, 2018
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