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Chromatin signatures of pluripotent cell lines
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Jarid2 is a PRC2 component in embryonic stem cells required for multi-lineage differentiation and recruitment of PRC1 and RNA Polymerase II to developmental regulators
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Polycomblike 2 facilitates the recruitment of PRC2 Polycomb group complexes to the inactive X chromosome and to target loci in embryonic stem cells
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XACT Noncoding RNA Competes with XIST in the Control of X Chromosome Activity during Human Early Development
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Mammalian polycomb-like Pcl2/Mtf2 is a novel regulatory component of PRC2 that can differentially modulate polycomb activity both at the Hox gene cluster and at Cdkn2a genes
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Enlightening the contribution of the dark matter to the X chromosome inactivation process in mammals
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Seminars in cell & developmental biology 56, 48-57, 2016
Mammalian Polycomb-Like Pcl2/Mtf2 Is a Novel Regulatory Component of PRC2 That Can Differentially Modulate Polycomb Activity both at the Hox Gene Cluster and at Cdkn2a Genes
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A primate-specific retroviral enhancer wires the XACT lncRNA into the core pluripotency network in human
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Mechanistic diversification of XIST regulatory network in mammals
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