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Dr. Lenti Katalin
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Cancer stem cells display extremely large evolvability: alternating plastic and rigid networks as a potential mechanism: network models, novel therapeutic target strategies …
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Autophagy Regulatory Network—A systems-level bioinformatics resource for studying the mechanism and regulation of autophagy
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Targets of drugs are generally, and targets of drugs having side effects are specifically good spreaders of human interactome perturbations
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Adaptation and learning of molecular networks as a description of cancer development at the systems-level: potential use in anti-cancer therapies
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Neighbours of cancer-related proteins have key influence on pathogenesis and could increase the drug target space for anticancer therapies
M Dezső, C Bulusu Krishna, F Dávid, K János, B Johanne, V Tibor, ...
Comparative study of hygiene habits in three different groups in hungary
FN Csenge, FNC Kincső, M Dezső, FNLL Katalin
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